Neptune and the Seven Great Resets

Were there 7 great resets in the last 1000 years, and did each one occur when Neptune was in its home sign of Pisces?

This is the conclusion I am arriving at after much study.

Our current civilization may be much younger than we are led to believe, probably less than 200 years. Not much is known before 1850, and what is known may be just a fabrication.

I propose that we are in the midst of the 7th and final great reset of the last 1000 years. This period is defined by Neptune's transit in its astrological home sign of Pisces which is between 2011 and 2025 AD. The previous great reset was between 1848 and 1861 when Neptune was also in Pisces. This and thereafter is when the Earth was being reshaped and repopulated.

Every 165 years(Neptune's orbital period) is a great reset, and each reset lasts 14 years(Neptune's stay in a sign). Here are the last great resets or transition periods of the last millennium.

The 7 Great Resets of the Last 1000 Years

1029-1042 AD Neptune in Pisces
1193-1206 AD Neptune in Pisces
1356-1370 AD Neptune in Pisces
1520-1534 AD Neptune in Pisces
1684-1697 AD Neptune in Pisces
1848-1861 AD Neptune in Pisces
2011-2025 AD Neptune in Pisces

Why Neptune in Pisces? Because this planet and sign rule meltdown and dissolution. The powerful energy of this placement breaks down our sense of "reality" and merges us back to source or that collective ocean we call God. It is a very malleable and adaptive energy preparing us for the next new age or era when Neptune enters Aries(new beginning or dawning. Neptune in Pisces literally puts humanity to sleep or in a daze or hypnotic state, readying us for the next new great day.

Each Neptune in Pisces reset period can be divided into three decans or parts of 4.666 years each. The first third is the pure infusion of Piscean energy (Pisces decan) which is so subtle we hardly notice it. This occurred from 2011 to 2015 of our currenr reset. The second third or period is the Cancer decan of survival mode between 2015 and 2019 and the last third is the Scorpio or death decan from 2020 to early 2025. We are currently in the third or death decan which was characterized by the covid pandemic and the millions of people it is killing.

We are now in the death throes of our current world civilization and by 2025 we should be starting an entirely new era or period of history. What about Uranus and Pluto? Yes, they too are reset planets, but Neptune is the mean or average. If we add Uranus' orbital period of 84 years to Neptune's 165 years to Pluto's 248 years we get 497 years. 497 divided by 3 equals 165 or Neptune's orbit! In other words there are other resets as short as 84 years or as long as 248 years, but the average is 165. Uranus and Pluto resets can overlap those of Neptune.

Individuals and nations also have great resets based on their chart positions. In astrology, these are called returns. Most individuals have a Saturn return or reset at about age 29 or 30. The USA is currently experiencing its Pluto return or reset. Planets beyond Pluto may be connected to even greater resets.

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