Planetary Domes

In book 4 of his series, Vibes of Cosmos presents a logical system of domes containing both our local and outer planetary system, that bridges into the Vedic description of our cosmos.

In short, the first or primary dome contains our Moon, Sun, and the Sun's satelites Mercury and Venus, which are projections of the Black Sun via the Earth's North polar opening. All orbit around Polaris which is also a projection, and above the planets, still inside the primary dome, is our star field, as shown below...

Beyond our primary dome are more lands or continents situated within the Mars dome as shown below...

Both the primary and secondary or Mars dome continue beneath level Earth forming a kind of
bubble or sphere which Vibes of Cosmos describes as being etheric. This is shown in the following diagram...

The planet Mars we see in the sky demarcates the outer border of the Mars dome. All planetary orbits demarcate the outer border of their respective domes.

Beyond Mars and its dome are the asteroid lands. Whether this group is contained within its own dome I do not know, but it seems likely since there was once a planet there (Maldek, Marduk). Ceres, the largest asteroid or minor planet probably holds that title now.

Beyond the asteroid belt is Jupiter with its own lands and dome, and beyond Jupiter is Saturn which ends with the Lokaloka mountains, followed by Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris, and perhaps more, each with their own lands and domes.

In effect, we live in a series of planetary land rings and domes each separated by water or ice. The land rings shown in the Vedas, may not be solid rings, but broken up lands or continents as depicted by other various sources, all of which are inhabited.

This makes our level physical Earth plane very vast indeed, billions of miles across, just as the Vedas describe, and Vibes of Cosmos is confirming this. Above and below this physical plane are several non-material or etheric planes also inhabited, but that is another subject.

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