The Flat Earth
The following articles are soley the authors and are based on the available information on the internet.
They do not necessarily constitute established fact and are in many cases little more than opinions or speculations.
Note: Astronomy as we currently know it is undergoing massive revision. What we've been taught for the last 100 or more years concerning the planets, outer space, and our own Earth may be grossly incorrect or innacurate -from the sizes, shapes, and distances of the heavenly bodies, to the space program, to the entire cosmological model itself. We have NASA and the secret societies and global corporations to thank for this. They may have been deliberately deceiving us concerning our true reality and it is only recently(since 2015) that the general populace is coming out from under their spell. It appears we will have to unlearn much that we have been taught over the last 60 or more years. Thankfully, the astrological information still pertains. The coming years will see a total revamping of our scientific beliefs and dogmas so be prepared. Perhaps the most basic of these fallacious beliefs is that the Earth is a spinning globe when it may in fact be a flat a stationary plane.

There are various versions of the Flat Earth, from the biblical model, to the infinite plane, to the pyramidal planes, to even the square or rectangular. Some even say that we live in a holographic "realm" rather than a plane, where the borders are fuzzy and undefined and constantly growing or changing in tandem with our own development. This section of the site will examine all of these possibilities and more.

Flat Earth Pages/Articles

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2016 January -The Flat Earth Debate Begins

Degrasse Tyson shows his ignorance and/or deceitfulness by dropping his
microphone on the Nightly Show and claiming that its fall is due to gravity.
If he released a baloon filled with helium that went up -would that be gravity too?
Gravity is lie. It's all about weight and density. His microphone dropped because it was
heavier than the air around it. Shame on you Tyson! And that goes for the host and audience as well.

Marilyn Monroe knew about the Flat Earth

Hitler knew about the Flat Earth

Auguste Piccard: the first man to see the flat Earth

This was before NASA(Oct.1st, 1958) was even born!

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