We Live In Bharata: sector of the fallen

We live in Bharata, the fallen southern sector of Jambudvipa or our Greater Earth plane.

If our Earth and its other Earth-like companions in Bharata can be likened to our solar system, then the rest of Jambudvipa can be likened to multi-star systems or our Galaxy, and Bhumandala to our Universe.

Our Bhumandala Universe

Bharata, which includes our known Earth, was once part of the terrestial paradise known as Jambudvipa and was all one land with giant trees and animals and people. We lived very long lives in peace and harmony and the gods walked among us.

Then, some 5125 years ago in 3102BC the Kali Yuga began and the demons started coming in, and 35 years later in 3067 BC it got so bad Krishna had to come in to clean house. This was the war of Kumkshetra which devastated Bharata, which is in ruins to this day. The 18 day war unleashed great weapons and cataclysms which turned the entire region into a winter wasteland. It was only partially restored later.

Only nine main land masses were seen jutting out from the vast desert of ice and snow which covered all of that sector. In order to restart life in Bharata, the Gods went to work and created domed environments on these land masses which made life possible. Domes are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for life in Bharata. Without them the entire region would remain one sheet of ice and snow.

Domed Earths in Bharata

The domes attracted and contained light and heat from the Great outer Sun and warmth and moisture from the underground below, causing life and vegetation to germinate and grow. Rivers and valleys were dug, trees planted, and all sorts of animals and human families were redistributed throughout, and the order was given to be fruitful and multiply.

The first generation of humans were trained and educated by the gods in all the arts and sciences, and agriculture, government, military, and so on, until they could take care of themselves, and then in 3032 BC, or 35 years after the Great War of Kumshetra, the gods, including Krishna, left and our human history as we know it began.

This war was a major reset for humanity in Bharata, but others followed, and with each reset life became shorter and more arduous. Two such rests are the Flood of Noah and the Tower of Bable incidents. We went from living about one thousand years before the Flood to living about one hundred afterwards. Our mental and psychic abilities were also diminished about tenfold, and we got shorter physically.

Krishna/Christ(same thing) and other avatars intervened at various points throughout our history and will do so again, otherwise humanity would surely have remained lost and eventually destroyed by the dark forces, especially in our currently weakened and dumbed-down state.

Our bodies may belong to Satan, but our souls and spirits are our own, and the challenge for humanity remains to overcome these physical coils and regain our divinity. Few have succeeded, just like Neo in the Matrix who represents Krishna or the Christ, but succeed we will and succeed we must. This comes through proper education, intuitive guidance, and courage. We have everything we need to succeed within us, but it must be unlocked and developed.

Fasting is one of the great keys that will help us to overcome this world with all of its lusts and desires which keep us trapped here. The evil ones are dominated by their lusts and desires, so much so that they have become the demons who plague and enslave us. Only by conquering our lower carnal natures will we finally have peace both personally and collectively. Most of us will not be able to do this by ourselves, but there are always great teachers and divinities available who can help us if we truly desire it.

Let's not end up like the greys who have given up their souls and spirits for mental and technological superiority. We need to embrace both our intuitive feminine and spiritual masculine and downplay the mental and material side which has dominated our modern society for too long, resulting in destructive consequences. Science and technology will not save us nor will religious superstition. Organic nature is our greatest teacher. We must learn to reconnect with our environments and not destroy them as we are now doing. The indegenous natives understood this before the maurauding colonists trampled over them.

Our great modern experiment of the last few hundred years has come to an end and is no longer sustainable. Our luxurious Western way of life has come at the expense of poorer nations many of which are still dealing with slave labor. We've also become very wasteful and irresponsible with our wealth most of which is in the hands of a tiny elite. Hopefully this will be corrected as the shift of power goes from West to East.

Will Bharata be restored to its mainland, or will it continue to be the trash bin of Jambudvipa? It will no doubt take divine intervention, as it did some 5100 years ago when Krishna and his armies vanquished the demon hordes there. This is what needs to be happening again, and may be happening right now, even though we can't see it all. The battle is as much spiritual as it is physical, and we must all do our own part.

Krishna, Arjuna, and his armies face the demon hordes in the Kumshetra War of 3067BC

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