3 Top Proofs the Earth is Flat

1. The Horizon is Always Flat

No matter how high up you go, the horizon will always appear to be flat and at eye level. When you see a curve it is because you are looking through a curved glass or lens, such as through most cameras or airplane windows.

2. Water is Always Flat

Water does not curve. Look at any ocean, lake, or body of water and it will always be flat. Water will always descend and rebalance itself over a curved surface. It is not held down by gravity or any other force.

3. Gravity Does Not Exist

Gravity has never been proven and never will be. Objects fall or stay down not because of gravity, but because of weight or density. A ball will fall to the ground because it is heavier than the air around it.


It's as simple as that and there's no getting around it. All of the math or science, or complex gobbledygook explanations we are fed by the "authorities" will never change these three basic, observable, and undeniable facts. There are of course other proofs for a flat Earth but these three are huge. The Earth is flat.

I would also like to add that...

The Earth Does Not Move

Not only is the Earth flat, it is stationary or non-moving as well. If there is no gravity, and the Earth were to spin or orbit it would cause the waters to slosh, the landmasses to displace, and the winds to howl. Instead we sense a relative calm and peace and stability.

The flat and stationary nature of the Earth plane debunks the entire modern astronomical paradigm which was basically concocted to keep the masses ignorant and enslaved. Religion is no better. Fortunately, we are waking up from our centuries-long delusions and taking back control.

Other Considerations

We don't have all the answers yet, such as the actual shape or size of our plane and its oceans and landmasses, the true nature and workings of the heavenly bodies, the dome question, or whether there exist other plane worlds beyond ours, but the answers are starting to come -and they will come. It is time for it.

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