Flattening the Earth Curve
New terms or catch phrases have been created in the wake of the 2020 Corona virus situation, most notably "flattening the curve" and "social distancing".

Social Distancing refers to an isolation strategy meant to minimize human contact and therefore spread of the virus. Flattening the curve means controlling or slowing down the rate of the spread through social distancing, shutdowns, martial law, etc., but does the term have other connotations?

Flattening the Corona Virus Curve

Besides using the virus threat to reset the world economy, is my suspicion that the powers that be are leaking out, in an indirect manner, the true shape or nature of the Earth. "Flattening the curve", a term introduced to the media by Anthony Fauci, head of the US International Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, may be inadvertently be revealing the Earth's true shape.

Flattening the Earth's Curve

It is my belief(and that of the ancients) that our Earth is basically a flat disc on top of other discs in pyramidal fashion(see my other flat Earth articles). This view has been gaining ground ever since 2015 when the first flat Earth videos began proliferating across the internet. Is the term "flattening the curve" a sign from the powers that be that they will slowly but finally reveal the true shape or nature of the Earth, or will they continue to deceive and control us?

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