Giant Trees and Earth Chakras

Note: the following information is based on many alternative sources and may not be wholly accurate.

Our Earth was once a smooth oceanless plane with giant peoples and animals and trees. We lived hundreds of years, spoke one language, were of one race and sex, and lived in a paradise of plenty. Then the invaders came and ruined everything.

Our ravaged Earth (Monument Valley in Arizona) -the result of offworld mining and bombing?

These evil ones subtly infiltrated our realm, discovered our weaknesses, and then brought us down one step at a time. They introduced toxic foods and drink and forbidden knowlege and evil practices, all of which were addictive and destructive. When we became weak enough, they took over our lives and beliefs, through teachery and lies, and basically made us their slaves.

They introduced science and technology and agriculture and religion and war and all of the institutions that we we basically have today. They also changed us genetically into two sexes, and many races, countries, and languages. Some of us remained pure but had to flee this realm or go underground and form the resistance without which we would be completely destroyed.

The evil ones use humans as cattle and mantain their dominance over us through fear, deception, and technology. They set up kings and rulers and institutions over us who are bribed or threatened into doing their bidding. Many of these rulers or leaders are hybrids between humans and reptilians so they can negotiate between both groups.

The dark ones are offwolders or inner earthers who have basically plundered our planet or plane. They've strip-mined the Earth leaving canyons and deserts and inhospitable climes. They promote war and violence and feed off of the hatred and suffering. Their goal is to basically exterminate us or use some of us as permanent slaves. They poison our food and water and air as well as our minds and souls, tag us with implants and microbots, and fry us with radiation. Every 200 years or so they wipe the planet clean and begin life here anew. With each reset, humanity becomes smaller, dumber, and more enslaved.

Humanity went through 5 or 6 major resets in the past, the last of which began in the late 1700's. Maps exist as late as the 1800's showing a very different Earth with warm polar regions and strange creatures. The indigenous peoples or natives of most of the world were basically at peace until around 500 years ago when the fanatical Christian colonists of Europe under Yahweh began their rape and pillage of the New World -which they considered their Promised Land.

With the help of Yahweh and his technology, the colonists bombed and raided their way across Europe and the Americas, murdering many of the natives and giants there, and destroying many of their magnificent buildings. By the mid 1700's the half-tribe of Ephraim(Great Britain) became the dominant world and sea power subjugating many nations around the world in the name of their god. This god, Yahweh, released a great Flood in the early 1800's putting out many of the plasma induced fires that were then scorching the Earth. The Flood also drowned a lot of peoples and animals and destroyed trees and vegetation. When the waters receeded, large swaths of desert and ice/snow as well as newly formed mountains and valleys remained as permanent reminders of the destruction. Some of our mountains today are actually the petrified remains of huge giants and animals.

1816 was known as the year without a summer as most of Europe remained under unusual cold most of the year. It may have been the result of the cataclysms leading up to the so-called "mud" flood of the early 1800's. The bible, which was actually written only hundreds of years ago, describes these events in detail.

When we look at our Earth today, we see lots of valleys and mountains and deserts and canyons and damaged or destroyed monuments and buildings. It was not always this way. In fact, it was very different. Our Earth was a smooth plain without mountains and valleys. There were no oceans, only rivers, There were no deserts or ice and snow and the climate was warm and stable everywhere. Giant people, animals, trees, and vegetation existed, and the oxygen was richer and promoted greater health and longer life. All of that changed in the last 500 years, and the evidence is all around us.

Giant petrified tree stumps are found all over the world some of them 25 miles wide or more. Many look like mountains but are not, and a good number have perfectly flat tops as though they were precision or laser cut. Others look like they have been bombed or ripped by strong waves or winds. These miles-high trees not only solidified the ground and enriched the oxygen but provided shelter and food for humans and animals and served as giant communication towers. When they were cut by the fallen ones, the whole ecosystem suffered and life degenerated into what it is now. Most of today's trees are shrubs by comparison and no older than two hundred years, except for the sequoias and others that managed to survive the onslaught.

Below are some of the huge surviving mesas or flat tops around the world.

The Grand Mesa in western Colorado believed to be the largest known flat top in the world

It is 1 to 2 miles high and measures some 500 square miles(25 mile mean diameter) across.

The formula for estimating the height of a tree based on its diameter was given by Ludin Rusi, author of the There Are No Forests on Earth video. The formula is 20 x the base diameter. So for the Grand Mesa it would be 20x25 or 500 miles! This is an incredible height far surpassing our 62-mile inner Karman dome limit! We live in a series of domes, the first or innermost of which was obviously not here when the giant trees existed.

Other large mesas include Mount Conner and Mount Uluru in Australia, Table Mountain in South Africa, Devil's Tower and Squaretop Mountain in Wyoming, Canyonlands in Utah, Mount Asgard in Canada, Heroubreio in Iceland, Roraima, Kukenan Tepui, and Cerro Autana and in Venezuela, and Mount Amedi/Amedye in Iraq. There are many others, some of them underneath lakes and oceans.(see images below)

Mount Conner, central Australia (elevation 2818 ft)

Mount Uluru, central Australia (elevation 2831 ft)

Table Mountain, South Africa (elevation 3563 ft)

Devil's Tower, Wyoming (elevation 5112 ft)

Note the hexagonal columns which are the sign of a true giant tree

Squaretop Mountain Wyoming (elevation 11,695 ft)

Canyonlands, National Park, Utah

Mount Asgard, Baffin Island, Canada (elevation 6611 ft)

Heroubreio, Iceland (elevation 5518 ft)

Roraima, Venezuela (elevation 9094 ft)

Kukenan Tepui, Venezuela (elevation 3793 ft)

Cerro Autana, Venezuela (elevation 4000 ft)

Amedi or Amadiya, Iraq (elevation 3900 ft)

These are only some of the large mesas around the world and they all ABOVE ground. There may be many more beneath the ground or oceans. Also, many if not all sit upon major chakras, ley lines, or energy centers of the Earth. Beneath Mount Uluru, for example, is the Earth's solar plexus chakra. See my article, Earth Chakras, in the Esoterica section.

Trees not only give us more oxygen but also amplify Earth's beneficial and life-giving energies. Cutting down trees, especially the very large ones, is a crime against nature and God. The angels or giants who cut down the giant trees and mined or excavated the earth will all be judged and punished for their crimes. This goes for humans as well.

But we need dwellings to live in, you say. There are other ways of doing this without hurting the Earth, climate, or ecology. Fracking and the vampiric digging of oil (Earth's life blood) are other abominations. There is free energy all around this, but the powers that should not be see no profit in this. Their greed and evil are what destroy the Earth and all life on it.

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