Flat Earth Great Ages

How do The Great Ages work on a Flat or Level Earth? This is made plain in the image below. It is the Moon Map developed by Vibes of Cosmos which shows the extra continents not shown on our present day maps. There is no doubt even more land beyond what is shown here, but as a limited mirror, the Moon can only show us so much.

The extra lands beyond our currently kown world include Atlantis, Lemuria, and perhaps most importantly, the vast frozen wastelands of Terra Vista. Atlantis and Lemuria may be largely submerged or they're simply not shown on our maps for whatever reason. Terra Vista is largely frozen or snow-covered because our Sun does not reach them in this Age, but it did in other Ages when our own continents were left frozen.

Because of the cold, life on Terra Vista has gone underground where it is warmer, and that in Ages to come we may have to do the same. The denizens of Terra Vista, including Hitler's New Schwabenland, have developed incredible technologies allowing them to live quite modern and comfortable lives, despite them being underground. Most of our technology, in fact, comes from there, and there is trade or commerce between both our elites.

Meru/Polaris/Earth's Magnetic North (all the same) travels in a roughly 26,000 year orbit around what may be an unknown Sun or center, giving us our 12 Great Ages of approximately 2160 years each (some are shorter and some are longer). The movement of this Magnetic North is directly connected to the Underworld Black Sun which creates and drives the Sun, Moon, and heavenly bodies. We are currently in transition between the Great Ages of Pisces and Aries (the Ages move backwards).

In the Age of Leo (roughly 10,800 to 8700 BC), the Meru center around which our Sun, Moon, planets and stars revolve was in the Terra Vista region which was then basically warm and flourishing, leaving our region cold and barren. Why must this be? Why must half of the greater Earth be alternatively warm and cold? Perhaps this is a way for the land to rest or regenerate. Or there may once have been a two-sun system which warmed the entire area.

In astrology, the Meru center correlates to the Midheaven in one's astrology chart which is your God or Heaven point, with it's opposing IC or Hell point. The Ascendant or Rising Sign correlates to the eastern edge of the Flat Earth and the Descendant to the western edge.

Polaris, which is right above Meru, is the Sun's sun, currently located at 28Gem53. It's roughly opposite point is the Black Sun which is beneath the Flat Earth and is directly linked to the motion of the Magnetic North. This opposite point is in tropcal late Sag or early Capricorn. I'm more inclined towards late Sag as this not only correlates to the Galactic center but may explain the strong and unexplained Sag influence I keep seeing in so many charts. This Black Sun has a wobble and magnetic north path or orbit of 26,000 years which gives us our twelve Great Ages. It is feminine or negative in nature.

In summary, we live in an enclosed system, with the flat or level Earth dividing the upper and lower halves. Beneath the Earth is the Black Sun, named so not because it is black (It is actually reddish or pinkish in color) but because anyone in its vicinity acquires a black pigmentation to the skin. It is the same sun or anomaly described by Mason Algiers Reynolds in The Hollow Earth and Olaf Janssen in The Smoky God (see my Inner Earth section). This sun or anomaly is actually a giant electromagnetic computer projecting the sun, moon, and heavenly bodies via the polar opening onto the dome which encloses us. It is the source of our torroidal cybernetic electromagnetic field which regulates all life on Earth. (it is also Great Mother, Isis, and AI.

The central axis of the black sun cuts through as our Magnetic North and is currently aligned with the star Polaris. This axis has an approximate 26,000 year wobble which gives us our twelve Great Ages. These Precessional (backward-moving) Ages vary in duration and are determined astrologically. The Ages of Aries and Pisces and their opposites of Virgo and Libra are both some 1986 years duration. The fixed sign Ages of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are some 2129 years each, and the remaining Ages of Gemini and Cancer and their opposites of Sagittarius and Capricorn are some 2291 years each. The MC Ages are also shown. Below is a diagram elucidating this.

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