Vibes of Cosmos Extended Moon/Earth Map

Our Moon mirrors a local view of our known and not so known level Earth plane, according to the work of Vibes of Cosmos. I like this map above the other flat Earth models because it appears to accurately describe the true parameters of our local pond within astronomical and astrological context. While the Nos Confundum map is interesting and more wide-ranging, it appears to lack scientific basis. It does not. for example, go into the precession of the Ages or does not take into account the Black Sun component, and the lands seem randomly placed.

Below is a simple explanation of the Vibes of Cosmos extended map version based on our lunar topography. At first is our Moon disk which acts as a convex mirror of sorts reflecting our local Earth plane, but does not go beyond it.

In the next phase, the moon surface is spread out from convex to flat giving us a clearer view of the lands and seas it is encompassing. The darker areas are land and the lighter areas are seas or oceans.

Finally, we see the land areas in more distinguished fashion, revealing the various continents or isles, many of which are NOT revealed in conventional maps. The first ice wall or ring around our local Earth lines the outer edge of the purple region. Our Sun, in this Age, does not reach the beyond this ice border but may have done so in Ages past, leaving our own area frozen. It's all part of the 24 to 26 thousand -year Precession cycle.

Beyond this map are no doubt other lands or ponds such as described by Nos Confundum and the Hindu Vedas.

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