What is the True Shape of the Earth?
Is the Earth round, flat, square, or other?

The recent Flat Earth revival(starting around 2015) has brought into question the true nature or shape of the world we live on(or in).

Ever since the Copernican revolution of the 1500's AD, the Earth gradually came to be accepted as a huge spinning ball orbiting an even more humongous Sun, but what about before that?

For the longest time, most of the ancient writers and philosophers believed in a flat stationary circular Earth, with Hell right beneath, and Heaven right above. A dome or firmament covered the Earth with the Sun, Moon, and planets, and stars, within it, and an endless expanse of water lay outside of it. We lived in an enclosed system or universe about 8000 miles in diameter and everyone seemed content with this idea -until the modern astronomers came along.

Didn't we go to the Moon back in the late 1960's and early 1970's? Or was that all a show? Why aren't we going to the Moon today? Or to Mars or Jupiter? Something's not right. Were the rockets all staged? Did they ever exit the atmosphere? What about satelites? Are they really up there, or are all our transmissions land-based? Do airplanes "curve" in their flights above the Earth or do they keep going straight?

I took several airplane flights in my lifetime and got to look out through the window. The horizon appeared both straight and curved depending on the viewing angle. This was because most airplane windows are curved or "fish-eyed" to give a wide angle eye view of things, so that didn't solve anything. The best naked eye view of the horizon I got was from atop a large high hill, and as far as I could tell, it was flat, but I needed to go higher.

One man who went way up(about 10 miles) in his own balloon craft was Swiss-Belgian scientist named Auguste Picard. He went up in May of 1931. and some months later, the August 1931 edition of Popular Science magazine reported his feat. On page 23, Picard was quoted concerning his view of our planet when high up in the stratosphere. He said "it seemed a flat disk with upturned edges". This was 27 years before Nasa was born in 1958! This most important event was celebrated but soon faded into obscurity, and appears to have been purposely ignored or repressed since then.

NASA itself has repeatedly admitted(since 2016) that it is incapable of leaving low Earth orbit(100-1200 miles up). Apparently, there is a strong(and dangerous) field or fields(Van Allen Belts) blocking us in. Could this be the dome? If NASA admits it never left low orbit, then why do many still believe we went to the Moon? What about that Hennessy commercial showing a pod breaking through the dome and entering the ocean of space(obviously dedicated to Auguste Picard). Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, by the way, borrowed Auguste Picard's last name.

If the Earth is truly flat and those "upturned edges" are the ice mountains holding the oceans in, then why have we been fed the the round globe theory? Are the powers that be trying to hide something? Why are world dignitaries taking frequent trips to the Antarctic and what did Admiral Byrd really discover on his flights to both the Arctic and Antarctic? According to Byrd's reports, there are new lands or continents beyond the ice mountains and strange and wonderful life therein. But how can this be? Won't we fall off the edges?

According to some Flat Earth researchers, like Martin Kenny, there are are indeed more land rings beyound our known Earth, but they descend in pyramid-like fashion. In other words, there are a series of flat discs of different sizes one on top of the other. Martin postulates four discs or rings, each with their own field or dome and set of luminaries. At the top(smallest) is Arya or Paradise(newest) with Mount Meru and Polaris at the center, followed by our Earth(Atlantis), Lemuria, and Hyperborea(oldest), with a new ring created from the center every 24,000 years.

Martin Kenny's model is all very interesting, but is it true? Probably more true than the globe model which flies in the face of logic. The first major flaw in the current globe model is that water seeks its own level and therefore cannot hold on a curved surface. "Globe"alists explain that GRAVITY keeps water and everything else in place, despite the spinning and the curvature, but even gravity has proven to to be illogical. How can a force that keeps oceans and mountains down be unable to hold down a helium balloon? Degrassi made a fool of himself and his audience with his microphone drop.

It s not gravity which holds us down but simply weight or density. An apple or ball drops, not because of gravity, but because it is heavier than the air around it. It's that simple, but our controllers confuse or brainwash us with idiotic science and fairy tales. With gravity, and the ball Earth, there would be no real up or down or east or west, but not so on a flat Earth. Also, the reason ships or buildings seem to sink or dissapear far out into the horizon is not because the Earth is curved but because the human eye can only see so far(some 60 miles). With binoculars or a telescope and a clear atmosphere, the entire object will come into view again.

If the Sun and stars were really millions of miles or light years away, we would not be able to see them because of our limited range of vision! Astronomers counter this by stating their enormous sizes, but regardless of size, we still won't se anything beyond 60 miles. This means that all the objects we see in the sky, including the stars, are no farther than 60 miles above us! This is more or less equal to the Karman line(62 miles up), where the BORDER between the Earth's atmosphere and "outer space" is thought to be, and where supposedly we also meet the DOME!

So most of the astronomers or scientists today are deceiving us, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and they have the dark rulers of this world to blame for it, and it's all to keep us in ignorance and fear, so they can better control us. Yes, outer space exists, but its made of embryonic water, and beyond this closed egg-universe of ours, in that embryonic ocean, are countless other universes, some old, some new, and some yet to be created by the Brahmic gods of Creation.

Maha-Vishnu floating in the Great Ocean of Space and creating countless Worlds or Universes

Still others say that our physical world does not have a real shape but is instead a construct or hologram, everchanging as we change. It then becomes a "realm" rather than a plane or globe, a realm that is highly subject to both individual and collective desire or imagination. Whatever the true shape or fabric of this world is, we seem to be entering a time where all of our notions of reality, both past and present, are dissolving and reforming. Perhaps we truly are moving towards a New Heaven and a New Earth.

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