Note: much of the information in this article is speculative and may be innacurate.
Our Earth Within Greater Earth

The Greater Earth is a complete system or Universe, with our smaller Earth within it. It looks like a double pyramid of ascending and descending discs or planes. The Vedas describe this system eloquently, as does Martin Kenny in his Flat Earth Universe channel and videos. Below is a rough diagram of what Greater Earth supposedly looks like...
A new disc or plane grows every Platonic year or 24,000 years starting at the center and pushing or expanding all the other disks outwards. Also, each disk or plane has its own field or dome which is not shown in the diagram, and each Earth, World, Disc, or Plane has its own set of luminaries, ours being the Sun and Moon(one male and one female).

The Polarians or Meruvians are the Master race out of which all the other races come from. They are semi-etheric and bridge both the heavenly planes with the Earth or material planes. Their Sun and Moon were semi ethereal Uranus and Neptune and they existed for 24,000 years before descending into matter and creating the successive root races and Earth planes.

Hyperborea(the Black or African race), was the first physical root race and disc, and had Saturn and Jupiter as their Sun and Moon, and their period also lasted 24,000 years(they are now the outermost ring). Then came Lemuria or the Orientals with Venus and Mars as their Sun and Moon(they are now the third outermost ring), followed by Atlantis or the Indo-Vedics, with our current Sun and Moon(now the second innermost ring), and lastly the Aryans or White Caucasians, with hermaphroditic Mercury as their planet(this is the innermost ring). Our entire history from Polaria to Arya is therefore some 102,000 years with 2 and 3/4 epochs to go, the 7th to be in an etheric state. Each 24,000 year epoch also has both sub-periods and sub-races. The English peoples are the 5th sub-race of the fifth Aryan root race and will seed the sixth.

Each plane or disc cannot see the other because of the pyramidal descent(or ascent). If someone from our Earth, for example, would go north, he would encounter a steep ice wall which would be the outer border of the next disc -Arya, or going south he would encounter a steep or mountainous ice cliff over which could be seen the central regions of Lemuria.

The Hell worlds or discs are the antithesis of the Earth worlds and get worse with each descent. It is here that unrepentant souls are punished or work out their karma and where Satan or the Devil and his reptilian or serpent races presumably live. They have great cities and technologies and have great sway over all but the highest ascending Earth planes. Not all of them are bad, but most are obsessed with the material side of life. The 3D animes accurately portray some of the activities here.

At some points in the Great Cycle(about every 6000 years) the ice and field barriers of each plane dissolve allowing unrestricted access or migration from one plane or disc to the next. The soul then has a choice as to whether to ascend or descend according to his or her spiritual development. Or, he or she may decide to continue on the same plane -it's an individual choice. According to Martin Kenny, the portals for this opportunity will open again at the end of this Iron Age or Kali Yuga in late 2020. Our Bronze Age will then begin.

Greater Earth is but one of many Universes in the water-filled cosmos, each with its own overall themes and experiences. When we tire of all the planes here, our soul may move on to a different Universe. It's an endless game of creation, diversity, and expression.

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