Flat Water's Flat Earth

Note: Much of the information below is speculative and may or may not be true.

Former military man and signal operator by the You Tube name of Flat Water(real name Glen) has come on the scene in 2015/16 with a slew of videos that are filling in many of the important information gaps that other Flat Earthers are neglecting.

Flat Water has been getting into the nitty gritty of Flat Earth putting forth some intriguing notions and explanations to questions such as...

1.Are the Earth and Heaven built like a giant clock or timepiece?

2.Are the Sun. Moon, planets, and stars solid objects or projections, and where do they originate from?

3.Just exactly how does the Sun move on a flat Earth causing day and night and the seasons and what is the mechanism or driving force behind it?

4.Are eclipses a Sun/Moon/Earth phenomenon, or are there other bodies at work here?

5.What are they hiding and protecting at the North pole and the Antarctic region?

6.How does astrology and numerology and the Tarot fit into all of this?

Of course he doesn't have all the answers yet, but he's working on it! Here are a few of the higlights I have gathered from his videos...

The Flat Earth Clock

The flat Earth plane is built much like a timepiece with the Sun, Moon and planets as the hands and the zodiac divisions as the hours.
The astrolabe(lower left of picture) is a miniature representation of the Earth and Heaven and how they work together. Note: most
of the image above does NOT represent the true appearance of the flat Earth. The extra wheels and gears and divisions are there
to show the reader the complexity or precision of information involved in making the whole watch-like system work.
This system involves all manner of both scientific and esoteric methodologies or principles.

Another Continent at the North Pole?

There is allegedly another continent at the North pole divided into four land areas by rivers, and in the center of these lands is
Mount Meru or the spine or axis of the Earth(originally the Tree of Life). This Meruvian continent is depicted in Gerardus Mercator's maps (16th century), and
is also mentioned by Ptolemy of the 1st century AD. Mount Meru may be a magnetic rock or mountain 33 miles wide and is why
all compasses point there. So why don't modern maps show this? Are they hiding something they don't want us to know about?

Magnetic Mount Meru

This mountain is the stuff of legends. Mount Olympus may be the ancient Greek version of this and it is known by many other names
in different countries or civilizations. Is it a mountain, a rock, a pyramid, or something else? Whatever it is, it's highly magnetic and
carries a lot of power. Flatwater believes it is a central projection device for the heavenly bodies onto the Earth's dome. It must be
a programmed computer or crystal-like device to be able to map out all the courses of these bodies so accurately. It may also be a
throne or portal to other lands or universes, or may even be used as a weapon. Was this what sank Atlantis into the Ocean?

The Sun, Moon, and Stars are Heavenly Projections

The above image shows how Flat Water believes the heavenly bodies are projected upwards and off the dome, which is a kind of
parabolic mirror that gathers the light in concentrations and then reflects it back down to us.

The Sun Moves in a Spiral or Corkscrew Motion

The Meruvian projector guides the Sun's beam upwards or downwards and in a corkscrew motion off the dome giving us our day
and night and seasons. Because of the dome's curvature, the beam is narrower and slower at the top giving the northern regions its
summer and the southern regions its winter. This is reversed when the beam is lowered. It's all calculated meticulously of course.

The Sun is Concentrated and Redirected Light

The above diagram shows how a parabolic mirror collects and concentrates and reflects light. According to Flat Water, this is
exactly what the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars are -different sizes, colors, or intensities of light.

Eclipses are Caused By Earth's Transparent Satellite Disks

Eclipses are not a Sun/Moon/Earth phenomenon. Other Earth satellites discs at various points of longitude and latitude absorb or interfere with the solar and lunar rays creating the eclipse. These discs are transparent and therefore practically invisible to us unless acted upon by light sources.

Lightning and Thunder are Manifestations of the Dome

Flat Water theorizes that lightnings are the electrical "veins" across the metallic dome and that thunder is the noise or movement of the
dome produced by the these electrical shocks. Occasionally a surcharge of electricity causes lightning to release itself directly towards
the Earth. Author's note: It's possible the dome is cracked or broken in certain places letting in the water and moisture from above which
produces our rain and storms and chaotic weather. This damage may have initially started with the Worldwide Flood in Noah's day. Before
that, there was no rain or thunder but only a mist or dew that rose a few feet from the ground.

Flat Earth's Double Magnetosphere
Here is another image I found and worked on not necessarily related to Flat Water. It shows the flat Earth plane and its invisible astral or magnetosphere which is divided into two parts, positive upper(Heaven) and negative lower(Hell). These electro-magnetic torroidal(Van Allen?) belts which may originate or work with the polar magnetic Meruvian loadstone contain all of the information necessary for life. It's like a giant Akashic computer and works through the process called Cybernetics. Within these belts circle its chakras or focal points -namely the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as the stars and all other heavenly bodies. This astral cybernetic system of information reciprocity is called Astrology. This model is supported by the popular Italian-born astrotheologist Santos Bonacci.

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