New Moon Map of the Earth
and the Location of New Schwabenland

Note: I cannot verify the validity of this map and some of the information is speculative so proceed with caution

A new Moon map of the Earth has surfaced which is strikingly similar to the Vibes of Cosmos map, with additional land and information. This comes from the website Divergent, who has uncovered the German Christian map(author undisclosed) with his analysis of it. Here is an image of the map...

new Moon map of the Earth showing a new fragmented northern continent as well as new info and diagrams

The idea here is that our Moon is a partial parabolic mirror of our Earth world which is much larger than the currently known area. The key word here is partial. While it does show two to three times our known land area it is not the complete area, which may be infinite. Our mirror Moon cannot show this entirety as its scope or gathering power is limited, like a small mirror or lens. The Hindu or Vedic model, on the other hand, shows/describes much more. It is enough, however, to open our eyes to the greater vastness of this level Earth plane.

One of the new features of the map is a far northern series of broken up ice lands around what appears to be a dark circular hub. Not sure at this point what it is, but more information will be forthcoming.

Why do all or most of the lands around our Antarctic circle or ice wall appear white or frozen? This may be due to some ancient catastrophe/war which obliterated what may have then been warm and habitable land, leaving waste, cold, and destruction. The area inside the Antarctic circle was in all likelihood reconditioned for life to some degree after the disaster. This is where Genesis 1:2- may come in. This reconditioned world where we now live in, although far from ideal, is perhaps only one of many resets or RECREATIONS.

The map reveals many new lands or names of new lands, of which perhaps the most interesting or relevant to us today is New Schwabenland or the New Germany, with its capital New Berlin. This land or continent was previously the focal point of a hollow earth article entitled "The New Germany and the Holllow Earth", but I have since abandoned the hollow Earth concept in favor of the flat or level Earth.

In a focused enlargement of the first map, New Schwabenland is seen to be located south of Africa beyond our ice wall, directly opposite the South American location(Argentina) where Hitler is thought to have escaped to...

New Schwabenland or New Germany is no doubt the location of where all those millions of Germans were transported to by flying ships or saucers througout World War II. Hitler wisely foresaw Germany's possible destruction by the Allies and so embarked upon this ambitious project to preserve his people and ideology. Hitler himself escaped to New Schwabenland (his death was faked) along with many Nazis, and lived to a ripe old age. So Germany and Nazism never died and this is perhaps why we see a resurgence of Nazi policies in our world today.

Is the New Germany, now very populous, along with other offworlder lands or peoples trying to take over our known world? Why are we at such odds with them? Is it revenge? Is it the desired aquisition of more fertile land and warmer climate? These are big questions that need answers and I feel we shall have them in the coming years.

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