Water Proves Flat Earth
Water doesn't curve. It always stays flat or level.
The "level" instrument used to measure level surfaces uses the level nature of water or liquid.
All lakes and oceans and ice surfaces stay perfectly flat. Water cannot hold on a curved surface and gravity(which is an unproven theory) will not hold it down either.

If gravity holds an ocean down on a curved Earth, would it not do the same on a smaller scale, such as water on a beach ball, but nothing of the sort happens. Pour water on a ball and it slides right off. The Earth spinning should make its oceans even less grounded, but spin a wet ball and the water comes off even faster.

So if water is flat and can only be held in by a flat or concave surface, what keeps it from going off the edges? There is obviously an upturned periphery that keeps it all in. August Picard, a Swiss-Belgian scientist who in 1931 flew up ten miles high in a balloon craft and looked down, confirmed the Flat Earth when he said it "seemed flat with upturned edges". Going up high enough appears to be the only real way of proving the Flat Earth, so why aren't planes and satellites showing this, or is there a conspiracy to cover it up?

Go on a hill or mountain and look out as far as your eye can see and you will see a flat plane or horizon. Oceans and lakes are also flat. Curvature is nowhere to be found. If you're on an airplane and look out the window, it can be flat, convex, or concave, depending on your viewing angle. This is because most airplane windows are curved or fish-eyed to give you a wide angle view, making it difficult to detrmine the exact shape.

When Satan brought Jesus to a high mountain so Jesus could see ALL the world kingdoms that could be His, this proved the flat Earth. Jesus would not be able to see ALL the world if the Earth was a ball.

The reason water descends or stays flat is because it is fluid and not held down by anything but its own weight. Anything heavier than the air will stay down, not because of gravity but because of its own density or weight. Gravity is a myth. Oceans cannot stay curved or stuck to a ball, nor can the Earth rotate or spin without the water being thrown off. Earth is stationary or non-moving and we can feel this physically and intuitively. Even the bible and other holy scriptures indicate this.

The heavenly bodies, on the other hand, do move, just as our eyes tell us they do. Science has turned everything backwards so that we must distrust our senses or what our Creator tells us.

Not only is our Earth flat, but it is part of a larger series of planes or discs, one on top of the other in pyramid fashion. Each of these planes or discs is a world in itself with its own "dome" or heavenly firmament as well as its own underground or hell. Each firmament includes at least two lights, in our case, the Sun, Moon. The other planets serve as similar lights for the other planes. The stars, further up, belong to and can be seen by all the planes or various circuits/rings.

In the middle or center of all these planes is the spinal polar axis or mountain called Meru(once the Tree of Life) through which flows the life force or prana, and creates the torroidal field(s) surrounding all the planes of our particular universe. Below is an interesting diagram or model depicting details of the four current discs or realms of the Flat Earth...

The powers that be know the Earth is flat but are doing everything they can to hide it. The Arctic and Antarctic are highly guarded militarily by the major nations and no one is allowed through. What are they hiding from us? They themselves may be restricted from crossing. This tells me there are other lands and beings beyond these frigid territories, with whom they are in contact, and with whom they have probably signed treaties. So why are they being quiet?

Perhaps the news is not good -our neighbours may be alien or unfriendly. Or there is no danger, but the the globalists want these outer lands or planes and their resources for themselves?

Fortunately, the word is getting out on the internet, and at some point they must tell us the truth. Or, when we get too close to finding the answer they will do something to set us back -like World War or a financial collapse? They did this at the Tower of Babel, and with Noah's Flood, so they can do it again.

Will we succeed in getting the truth before they destroy us? Only time will tell.

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