Experiments on Mars

Here is an interesting compilation of photos purportedly taken on our neighbour Mars; not the Mars astronomers say is in space, but the one right next to us on this great level Earth plane.

I managed to screenshot the photos from one of Bluewater's videos and then put them on part of the Nos Confunden Terra Infinita map of our local part of the universe.

The photos look real as is claimed and appear to be taken in the last 100 years or more. Whether they are manipulated or not is for you to judge.

If Nos Confunden's information is correct, the captured lands of Mars, situated adjacent to us beyond our ice walls, are indeed a breeding ground or zoo for all manner of scientific or genetic experimentation.

For a larger view of the photos click here

The same type of scientists who are here on our Earth tinkering with our DNA are also on Mars doing the same thing, but in a much less restricted way. It may be that many if not all of the monsters or experiments of our mythology and science fiction were brought in from the Mars lands. This also includes UFO's, robots, Nazis, and AI technology.

And that is only from the Mars lands. I'm fairly certain that much of our science, technology, biology, fauna, and culture in general comes from many of the other lands around us as well. We are a hodge podge of many worlds and cultures from this big vast plane, as well as from beneath and above the plane, and as Pluto settles into Aquarius and the restrictive barriers break down, this incredible truth will all come out into the open.

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