Worlds Beyond Our Ice Ring

Here is another interesting find: the Ohawhewhe 1830 flat world map which provides extra or complementary information to other flat Earth maps with special emphasis on the worlds/continents beyond our first ice ring(see following image). It is a two-year collaboration of 11 artists and writers from the world-building project, who are steeped in a variety of disciplines. They recount in visual fashion, the lore of Spanish explorers who through a mysterious black woman(in the first image) were lured to explore and colonize the unknown lands outside our 1st ice ring. Italian P&C has a series and six-hour video describing the map.

Particularly interesting is the story that in 1522 AD Ferdinand Magellan's attempt to circumnavigate the "globe" was met with ominous signs such as churning oceans, earthquakes, the formation of an ice gate or opening, and sky phenomena, especially the blackening of the Moon, after which this event was named. They also saw an ethereal and luminous black woman perched on the ice wall beckoning them to come in. It was an invitation to explore the lands beyond the ice wall and so they(Ferdinand and his crew) did so via the Sentinel's Gate. The Black Moon phenomena lasted 60 years bringing fear and awe to the world and signifying that a new era had begun.

the flat 1830 Ohawhewhe World Map

Enlargements of the Four Gates of our Earth World leading to the Outer Lands(full size)

Humans have been sailing through the various gates for thousands of years(if not longer) settling and populating the outer lands. The further out one goes, to even beyond the 2nd ice ring, the further back in history we go, as is evidenced by the strange people, plants, and animals there. The various rings therefore become preservations of our unimaginable and long-forgotten past. The theosophical root races may be a psychic recollection of this past.

More information presented on the map

I do not necessarily endorse this view of the shape of the Earth but present it here for your consideration

The full map (15000x13000 pixels) is available as a free download on various sites. Just type in "BEYOND THE ICE WALL 1830 AD: THE FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE. The better more complete maps, such as on the author's site, will show the explorer routes.

It is a beautiful map, regardless of how factual or theoretical it may be, and such maps serve to show us the incredibly vast and diverse nature of our Earth realm and all life on it. We have been terribly and unjustly limited in our understanding of our Earth realm, but this will change soon, and a new age of incredible exploration, adventure, and colonization will begin, just like it did over 500 years ago.

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