Objects in the Flat Earth Sky

Contrary to the modern teachings of astronomy, the Earth is flat, and space as we are taught does not exist, and the astronomical bodies of Heaven are nowhere as far or as large as is claimed. All those scientific calculations and formulas are totally contrived to deceive us into believing a globe and an endless chaotic universe without a Maker.

It looks like the Ancients had it right all along, until a little over 500 years ago when Jesuit and Masonic forces started fabricating our modern cosmological perspective all in a bid to decieve and control us. All the ancients basically had was their naked eye observation of the Heavens and that was enough to create their crude but accurate astrological astronomy.

Then came Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, the telescope, modern astronomy, and the schism between mysticism and science, and the separation between God and man. The Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, previously thought to be right above us within a dome enclosure are now millions and billions and trillions of miles away, and their sizes grossly inflated to make up for the distance. With the creation of NASA in 1958, the modern view of space and the Heavens was finalized and firmly planted in our minds, but since 2015, we have started waking up to this humongous deception instigated upon us by the dark powers who want to rule over us.

Critical analysis and observation shows that the Sun and Moon and Planets and stars are indeed much smaller and closer than we have been taught(brainwashed) to believe. The Sun and Moon, for example, using simple trigonometry, are both calculated to be some 32 miles wide and less than a hundred miles up. This is a far cry from the overbloated modern figures. The stars are even smaller and only slightly higher. The heavenly bodies may not even be solid objects but simple light discs, holes in the dome, or even projections from the Earth's central axis.

The point is no one really knows the true sizes or distances of the heavenly bodies with any certainty or precision, and if the powers that be do know, they're not telling us. All we really have to go on is the brigntness and motion of the object in question -and that's it! All large telescopes do is show us the fainter objects and give us more precise measurements of their positions or movements. All of the other info is totally fabricated and suspiciously false, as everything is within a few hundred miles of us. All those beautiful pictures of space, galaxies, planets, and stars are nothing but paintings, animations, or computer generated images. That is how NASA deceives us.

Modern astronomy is the runaway child of ancient astrology. It(astronomy), without astrology, is cold and godless and meaningless. It's real purpose is to distance us form God and ourselves, by decentralizing us, and claiming that we are a meaningless speck in an infinite and chaotic universe. Instead, every life form is a universe unto itself, and this centricity is the real and proper perspective to take. Not only are we Earth-centered but self-centered as well, and astrology is compatible with this view. The Flat Earth movement is only the beginning of our journey back to self. From heliocentric to geocentic to selfcentric -that is the way back.

The stars are forever fixed in the sky in relation to one another. Only their relation to the ecliptic changes, as the Sun's movement lags slightly in relation to the movement of the dome or stellar sky. This 4 minute difference every day is the real reason behind the Precession of the equinoxes. The Moon and planets occupy different elevations or planes within the dome and have varying orbits and are measured against the solar ecliptic which gives them their tropical astrological positions. The luminaries and planets are important in astrology, because, unlike the stars, they are wandering or moving, and their movements are relevant to our life's time frame.

The 21st century Flat Earth Renaissance gives new life and meaning to Astrology and the traditional view of the cosmos. The Sun, Moon, planets and stars are divine entities or influences(angels) which influence our affairs here on Earth. This influence is understood through the divine art and science of Astrology.

Yes, planets and stars are the gods or spirits themselves, and/or their habitations. The Sun and Moon, for example, at 32 miles wide, are large enough to house one main god and thousands of his descendants or disciples. The other planets are smaller habitations(perhaps a mile or so in size) with a smaller god and less descendants or followers. The stars may be cities, towns, or even our heavenly homes or mansions. They house our true angelic selves which power our limited selves here on Earth. When we die we(are meant to) return there. The ancient teachings and cosmologies are truer than we realize and their is much to unlearn and relearn.

Are the stars cities or mansions in the sky?

How an object in Heaven is bestowed with powerful influence is still a mystery to most, but I would guess it is something similar to being knighted or crowned. Certain objects in the sky are authorized to be important bodies having rule over certain matters. The ten most important are the ten we know of today such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are the archangels or movers and shakers of our realm. The fixed stars are all of the important souls throughout history that have left a permanent mark on us. The brighter the star, the more important the accomplishment

What about all of the other bodies such as the centaurs and dwarfs and asteroids? Certainly, they have their place and influence, even if inferior to the main planets or stars. They no doubt have their own peculiar influences, some positive and some negative. The smaller, more irregular, and less visible they are, the more likely they are to be negative. Most asteroids, comets, or dark matter objects are probably linked to demonic entities.

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