Africa is the Largest Known Continent

Africa is much larger than we are told. In fact, it is the largest known continent, even larger than Eurasia!

How can this be so? Even on the Mercator map, Africa's true size is shrunk while the northern continents are enlarged. On the flat Earth Moon map in particular, Africa dominates by far in terms of size as can be seen in the Vibes of Cosmos map below.

Vibes of Cosmos flat Earth Moon map size comparison of Africa (red circles depict known world)

North and South America are tiny by comparison. Is today's mapping a way of aggrandizing our status or importance while belittling that of others? Has colonialism and imperialism gone too far? It certainly seems like it.

Africa alone has so much land or territory it can probably house Earth's entire current population and then some. It's potential is so huge it's no wonder China and other nations are eyeing it for their future survival. It is ideally situated to produce all the world's food and material resources yet it is repressed and improverished. What a crime the world's modern leaders have committed; exploiting its resources and peoples when it (Africa) can become the richest most prosperous multination continent on Earth!

conventional map comparison showung how many nations can fit into the African continent, however it is larger than this

Africa is truly the motherland. The first and original peoples on this Earth were in all likelihood black, with the lighter races coming later. Black people are the most naturally in tune with mother Gaia doing it the least harm or damage, yet today they are looked down upon as an inferior species by the lighter races who are wrecking this Earth with their "superior" technology. What a bunch of crock!

There is a reckoning coming for Africa with its true potential yet to be unleashed. When the imperialism and poverty is gone, when true education and independence is re-established, the nations and peoples of Africa will become major leaders and contributors to the world's well-being, socially, spiritually, economically, and in every other way.

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