Infinite Worlds in an Infinite Multiverse

Note: The following article is very speculative and may or may not be accurate.

Other Worlds and Civilizations

All of the ancient Greek and Roman myths about strange animals, humanoids, and cities or lairs may be more true than we think. Some are native to certain parts of this Earth while others may well be from neighbouring or underlying Earths.

There is, of course, Earth's underground or nether regions, where many of these monstrosities can hide in peace and safety. All those hollow earth stories and books must have some truth to them. Or were they a Freemason version of the flat Earth meant to lead us partly astray?

There is good reason to believe that the Earth is not a globe spinning in space, but a relatively flat and stationary plane sitting upon other planes, in what is perhaps an egg-shaped universe, floating with other egg-shaped universes in an amniotic or watery omniverse. Or, the whole of Creation may be an infinite division of Earth and Sky. Whichever is the case, our Earth is only one of many planes, each with its own particular species or lifeforms.

A dome would imply an even climate throughout -like a greenhouse. Instead we have weather extremes and imbalances which suggest an open and unprotected sky, or a damaged dome. This dome may be plasmic, solid, or electromagnetic in nature, acting as a barrier of some sort, keeping us both trapped and protected. Traversing this barrier requires special skill, equipment, or permission.

When Admiral Byrd found other continents in Antarctica brimming with life, did he dive into the hollow Earth as is the common presumption, or did he cross into another Earth plane/ring with its own sun and moon? Whatever the case, new lands and peoples and animals were discovered, some of them familliar and some of them very strange. Apparently, some of these new lands or worlds harbour such creatures as mastodons and saber tooth tigers, giant insects and plesiosaurs, and perhaps even dinosaurs.

Stranger still may be the weird humanoids or semi-humanoids of such lands that you only see paintings or illustrations of in the myth and fantasy world. Reptilians, Greys, Insectoids, fish people, lion people, bird people, etc. Apparently, anything that can be imagined can be created, especially by those who have a good knowledge of genetics and how to manipulate it.

Some of these worlds may even be the locations of masters and saints or demons and devils. Where did Jesus or Enoch or St. Germaine end up? Or Hitler or Elvis or any other notable personnage who may have feigned their death. What about all the missing peoples, animals, and property whose dissapearances have little or no explanation? Were they transported to these other worlds or regions?

On the other hand, many species of life have been imported to this Earth from those worlds, adding diversity and richness here. It may be that each of our animal kingdoms and their variants originated from a particular plane or Earth. Same with the many different races of humanity. If so, we may be a conglomerate of our entire universe!

The thing is, these other worlds or planes are not millions and billions and trillions of miles away in outer space, but here, relatively near to us, on underlying(or overlying) planes only thousands of miles away. They can be accessed through plane or saucer or underground shuttle systems -but only with the proper conditioning and/or permission .

Yes, the elite of this world, already know about such worlds and travel and do commerce with them, but for some reason they have restricted knowledge and access of such worlds to the common masses. They know of the unlimited variety and wonder of the Creator's Creation across this multi-planed universe, but keep it selfishly to themselves while we struggle within our own very limited reality.

This situation is changing, however, as more and more of us wake up and demand to know and experience the fullness and richness of the Creator's universe that is the heritage of all of his/her creatures.

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