Flat Earth and the Four Root Races

Below is Martin Kenny's understanding of the Flat Earth and how the Root Races fit into it. I have taken the liberty to crop and label the video image as well as add my own understanding to it. Martin Kenny's website is Flat Earth Universe(https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMartinkenny/featured).

It makes perfect sense that black Africans were the first humans to be created, even if it was to serve the the "gods" who created them. Maybe Sitchin's Anunakki story is correct -that the gods who came to this egg universe(presumably from another egg universe)hundreds of thousands of years ago, tried to terraform this plane and shape it to their needs, but it was too much work, so they created blacks as primitive workers to relieve them of their toil. It was their terraforming, by the way, that destroyed or greatly changed much of the natural biodiversity which existed before they came here. It's like a developer from the city who comes into a forest or jungle and cuts down the trees or clears the foliage and then builds roads and houses and whatever defines his civilization.

Further interbreeding and genetic manipulation created the other root races and subraces and the process continues to this day. New races equate with new continents and land rings, each with their own luminaries and qualities. The Hyperboreans or Black(Saturn) race was used to dig tunnels for supersonic tram systems for the gods.The original black race was not only very strong physically, but very large or tall as well(Jupiter) and instilled with deep religious fear or fervor from their rulers. Most of them were settled into the African continent which they still dominate today.

The next oldest root race, the Asian Lemurians or Orientals have Venus and Mars as their Luminaries, planets associated with both peace and war and beauty and grossness. Their lighter skin coloring and hidden eyelids may be a product of the Orangutan which is native to southeast Asia just as the darker African gorilla was used to produce the black race. Or they may actually be associated to the lemur primate(hence Lemurian). This "yellow" root race and their subraces settled into China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. They were(and are) a highly spiritual and family-oriented peoples using crystals and nature as their technology.

When Atlantis was birthed some 30,000 years ago, it pushed Lemuria outward, and began its rise toward a scientific and technical society, quite opposite from the Lemurians. It even built vimanas or flying machines and became a very powerful force militarily, but infiltration by the dark forces led it to its eventual demise. With the the Sun and Moon as their signature planets, they made full use of solar power but also harnessed the negative influences of the Moon and resorted to black magic both of which were used to eventually destroy them. They played with genetics and produced living monstrosities and deviated sexually and when the evil got out of hand it was decided to sink the land with a great flood. The survivors produced our current civilization which is even now repeating the same mistakes and also faces destruction.

Arya followed Atlantis but is still in its infancy

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