Worlds Beyond Our Ice Wall

Here is an interesting find. I'm not sure how much of it is true or accurate, but it is definitely interesting.

Claudio Nocelli, the author of Terra-Infinita: Extraterrestial Worlds and Their Civilizations writes about Helen Morris and her father William Morris, who together with the help of a Giant, disclose information about all of the worlds beyond our Antarctic ice wall.

Our level Earth world, they say, is part of 178 worlds under a Great or Super Dome, each with its own domes or biospheres. Helen and William come from the Ancestral Lands, which are some 8000 kilometers south of our Antarctic ice wall. They have come here to try and educate and liberate our own humanity.

our known Earth world surrounded by Antarctic ice

closest lands beyond the ice wall

Helen and William know all about the outer lands and who's good and who's bad. There are two notable aggressive and anti-human races under the Great Dome: the first are the Custodians, who possess advanced technology and go out and colonize and enslave as many worlds as they can, and the second are the Anunnaki who are war-like and aggressive and also use advanced technology to colonize and enslave worlds. The two compete with one another and with all the worlds under the Great Dome. When either conquers a world they build an wall of ice around it to keep the people in.

closest worlds to our Earth

The Mars world which is right next to us(see map) is a zoo of captured inhabitants from many worlds, including our own, where they are studied, trained, and experimented on. It is ruled by the Anunnakis who conquered the Martians long ago. Admiral Byrd was a member of the Mars world which is why he could easily travel there through the land bridge that connects us(Byrd's Strait).

landbridge between Earth and Mars

According to Nocelli's book, the Anunnaki are the builders of the pyramids. They are 5 meters(15 teet) tall reptiloid, and fearful looking. They are aggressive and warlike with little compassion and are advanced technologically. Like the Custodians, they were invaded and changed physically and psychologically by entities outside the Great Dome to be what they are today. Their lands have sparse vegetation and their waters are infested with giant serpents. They have learned to use portals to enter or invade domed worlds.

the Anunnaki world adjacent to our Earth

Humans have an alliance with Venus against the Custodians and Anunnakis. They prefer spiritual development rather than war but can hold their own in battle if need be. They evade and even defeat their enemies by moving to underground bunkers and activating their defences from there. They are quite advanced technologically to the point of controlling their surface climate and weather which they once used to defeat the Custodians. The Pleaideans are also our friends(kind of). They are very tall and spiritually developed and like to remain neutral in a war. They survived the Battle of Asgard against the Custodians, and have frequent clashes with the Anunnakis.

The Pleaidian and Venusian worlds adjacent to our Earth

The Orion World is dominated by the Greys who are physically small and slim and scientifically inclined. They were once human but gave up their emotions for mental superiority and are dying as a result. Their abductions are so they can take from us what they lost. They are related to the Zeta Reticuli and are used by the Custodians to try and breach the Celestial Worlds. They were almost destroyed by Tartary and the Giants who along with humans share a mutual hatred. Only about 2 percent of Greys are sympathetic to humans. The Dracos or Etamines are both psychic and technological and live to about 200 years. Their two continents are covered with beautiful vegetation and they rule over the lands of Osiris-Isis. Their enemies are the Anunnakis and Greys.

Orion, Osiris-Isis, Free Lands, as well as Draco (further northwest) are also adjacent to our Earth

The Custodians are technological beings who exploit other worlds. They were themselves exploited by beings ouside the Great Dome(AI?) They are obsessed with trying to penetrate the Celestial Lands where the gods live and where humanity originated from. The Custodians despise humans but are partial to those who are willing to sell their souls for fame or power. The last Great War humans/giants had with the Custodians occurred some 250 years ago(last Great Reset). The Custodians are carnivores who feed off our fear and suffering. They create the great artificial walls of ice around worlds and the political and financial systems, all of which enslave the inhabitants. The Custodians are in all likelihood what we call the Luciferians and Satanists.

The Custodian World is the center of evil under our Great Dome

The Land of Clones or Second Earth was created for totally experimental purposes. The Anunnaki were the first to make use of this World bringing in different races or species for conflict resolution. It is also used to save the lives of important leaders or celebrities. It has huge laboratories and may have been a center for hybrid creation and experimentation both ancient and modern.

The Land of Clones or Second Earth

According to Claudio and his source there are 178 worlds or "circle environments" under our Great Dome or Universe not counting the independent worlds without domes. Portals connect the various domed worlds. These portals are currently being fought over in key countries across our known world.

Below is Nos Confunden's map of the main worlds under our Great Dome. Basically, the idea is that the stars and planets we see in the sky have their terrestial counterparts here on this Great Plane of Creation. However, this particular view of our great plane appears somewhat random or disorderly when compared to other models such as the Hindu or Vibes of Cosmos, so I would approach it with caution. The website on the whole does offer some good information not found elsewhere, or at least a different perspective of our level Earth plane.

178 worlds under the Great Dome with Earth at the center

Your can order a full size version of the map of the 178 worlds (15000 x 15000 pixels) on Claudio's website which is Nos Confunden on YouTube for under $20, or his Instagram. Unfortunately, most of his videos are still in Spanish, but there is an attempt to translate them into English. Claudio Nocelli is new on the scene(2022) but he already has millions of followers.

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