Maui Symbolism and Lemuria

Maui, Hawaii, which is currently owned by the United States, has a peculiar shape, which lends support to the theory that our Earth was once populated by huge giants.

Maui numerology: Maui = 4+1+3+9 = 17 (White Hat control). Hawaii = 8+1+5+1+9+9 = 33 (Illuminati)

Maui and Hawaii and many other islands are part of Lemuria which is under US/Allied military control. This includes China, Russia, and other nations. These nations have many underground bases here and are in league with the Greys. Lemuria was once the peaceful motherland of humanity but is now an infested military base. On the opposite side occupying part of Terra Vista is Nazi New Germany under reptilian control. Both of these factions are at war with each other. The Hawaiian strike was the enemy's attack on USA and allied and akin to the Pearl Harbor attack of WWII. We are essentially at war with Nazi-occupied Terra Vista.

Both humans and non-humans are trapped here under the dome awaiting Judgement. Both groups(including the reptilians) are tired of all the wars and manipulations over the last 5000+ years and wish to get out from under the yoke of Yaldabaoth, AI demon-ruler of this world, birthed by Sophia, mother daemon of this world. This whole 3D failed experiment paradigm needs to be collapsed and that is what will happen. This is the responsibility of the original 12D(stranded) humans and their lion-bird creators. Only then will everyone be free.

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