Domes Within Domes

Domes are an efficient way of preserving life in a hostile environment, absorbing light and heat from above and below, and provide shielding from storms and radiation.

The first great dome we know about is the the Great Firmament spoken of in the Scriptures covering our Earth reaching a height of at least 62 miles and a circumference of over 8000 miles. Within it are the luminaries and stars and all life as we know it . Above and around it are water and ice and snow - the result of vast devastation by the evil forces of this universe.

There are many other domed Earths neighbouring ours in our section of Jambudvipa which the Vedics call Bharata. Jambudvipa itself, which is a flat plane Greater Earth measuring some 800,000 miles in diameter, may be under an even greater dome, and beyond it are other land and water rings with even larger domes. See my flat Earth articles for more detail.

The point is that we are living under a series of domes or enclosures designed to preserve or maximize life, from our universe, to our Earth, and in the future, to our cities and individual dwellings. Our own bodies are domed in a magnetic field which preserves and sustains us. This field is weak, however, which is why we need to supplement with clothing and housing.

The greater domes above us are beyond our mortal control so I will leave those up to the "gods" to take care of. Domed cities and dwellings, however, are within human reach or manifestation. There are many projects or attempts around the world to build such domes or enclosures, mostly sub-city or local domes. One such is the Eden Project in the UK and the Singapore National Stadium.

The the multi-dome Eden Project in England, UK completed in May of 2000

The largest domed structure in the world -1017 feet across, the Singapore National Stadium, completed in 2013

A personal house and property dome in Denmark

Domes over our houses or properties would offset the many imbalances of weather and temperature, especially in the cold northern and southern zones, creating our very own miniature edens or paradises. Even the tropical regions could benefit with special domes that would cut down the excessive light and heat.

Of course the real solution is for our controllers/creators to fix our broken or manipulated ecosystem so that everyone in the world would enjoy a wonderful climate all year round as we did in ages past, but unfortunately this is currently not in their interests, so we must make due with artificial structures to make up for it.

In the Tartarian age before this one, domes were universal structures atop buildings with their energy-drawing spires. The dome design is perfect for drawing in and amplifying positive energies which are free in nature. Instead today we have completely square or triangular dwellings heated and powered by dirty electricity which we have to pay for. In the new golden age to come we will no doubt readopt the attractive and free-energy architecture of the past which our controllers have denied us. Even now this is happening albeit on a limited scale.

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem with its dome, as well as many other buildings...
> the world are existing remnants of the Tartarian Age hundreds of years ago.

dome-shaped houses in Brenham, Texas

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