Mission to Psyche 2026

In the summer of 2022, Nasa will launch the Psyche spacecraft to rendevouz with the 16Psyche asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. It will fly by Mars in 2023, before being thrust onwards to its final destination, which it should reach by 2026. It will then spend the next 21 months studying and mapping Psyche which is believed to be the stripped-down core of a once planet. It consists mostly of iron metal, valued at some 700 quintillion dollars(sounds more like a mining expedition to me).

For you flat Earthers out there, this means that the car-sized spacecraft, will journey out past our Antarctic ice ring walls to one of the forbidden land areas out there rich in minerals(don't ask me how they will get past the dome).

Psyche is a Greek term for "soul" named after the godess Psyche in mythology. Psyche was a very beautiful woman that even made Aphrodite(Venus) jealous. Eros(son of Aphrodite) fell in love with her and secluded her to a mountainous palace where he would visit and make love to her every night, but in concealed fashion. One night Psyche uncovered Eros' identity and lost him as a result. Psyche wanted him back. By passing a series of tests from Aphrodite, she was reunited with Eros, married him, and became immortal.

In astrology, Psyche represents your soul connection and is much like Neptune, granting you psychic abilities. It is one of the largest asteroids between Mars and Jupiter and can have considerable influence, especially when joined to the Ascendant, Midheaven, or one or more of your planets. I have it in the 1st house and notice that something gets triggered when a planet aspects its degree.

In synastry, how your Psyche relates to someone else's Eros can reveal a passionate connection, just like in the myth story. I have found the conjunction(mostly by sign) to be the strongest connection, two ways if possible. To know where your Psyche and Eros asteroids are astrologically, click here.

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