Cosmology Articles


A New Planet Is Forming Between Mercury And The Sun

Vulcan and our Binary Sun System

What Is That Next To The Sun?

Polaris - The First Star

Planet X Object Needs an Ephemeris

What is That Strange Purple Object?

Another Strange Object in the Skies

Best View Yet of Planet X

Comet Atlas(C/2019 Y4) Ephemeris 1900-2050 AD

Planet X Has Moons!

Large Planet X Moon

Is Planet X Going Mainstream?

Mission to Psyche 2026

The Largest Minor Planets

The Exoplanet Scam

Planet X 2024

What Happened to Planet Vulcan?

The Phoenix Machine or Destroyer of Worlds

2024 American Eclipse and Devil's Comet

The April 8 Eclipse and the Zone of Silence


Uluru - Second Heart of the Earth

The Spiritual Battle for Earth

We Are Reliving Atlantis

Moving From 3D to 5D

36 Planets and Archons

The Modern Planets as Reset Catalysts


Our Flat Earth Universe

Planets, Land Rings, and the New(Old) Cosmology

Planet Ring History

Just When and Where are We?

5125 Years of Quarantine on Earth

Seven Heavens and Seven Hells

The Hindu Macrocosm in 18 Steps

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