Best View of Planet X Yet

This is by far the best yet video capture of intraMercurial Planet X by Scott C'one taken on Jan.28, 2020 via the infrared CACTus satelite. You can clearly see its round shape and even cloud patterns, and that sucker is huge! Scott estimates it to be 5 to 7 times the size of Jupiter! Yet we can't see it with the naked eye because it is in the infrared spectrum.

original capture of planet X on Jan.30,2020

This body, which has settled into a predictable 28-day orbit around our Sun since at least 2007, comes very close to the Sun every 14 days, causing huge coronal outbursts, and this is when it is best visible. It's obviously affecting our weather and other events here on Earth, and its mostly negative effects will intensify during our current solar minimum(low sunspot activity) which will last for the next ten years, after which we will go into a solar maximum(high sunspot activity).

same image in different lighting

Scott says our scientists and astronomer's arent talking about it probably out of the fear that it will cause a panic, but the world is already in a panic with the Amazonian and Australian fires, the chemtrails, 5G, our poisoned food and water, and most recently the Corona virus. He suggests preparing yourself for the inevitable difficultues ahead through education, awareness, prayer, and stocking up on survival essentials.

Scott's channel is Planet X News.

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