5125 Years of Quarantine on Earth

The Great War of Mahabharata, which Lord Krishna started in 3139 BC, devastated not only India but the entire Bharata-varsa region, which now contains our own Earth as well as eight others like it, and smaller continental landmasses. Its purpose was to rid the world of the demonic entities who were then overtaking our world and universe, especially in Bharata-varsa which is the southern ninth sector of Jambudvipa or Greater Earth.

This Great War of the gods and demigods and demons, lasted only 18 days, but was so ferocious and destructive that its effects were felt throughot our Bhumandala Universe. Horses, elephants, arrows, and divine weapons were used in the slaughter of millions of souls. While Krishna himself did not directly partake in the war, except in one instance, his charioteer Arjuna fought valiantly with the Pandavas to defeat the Kauravas.

Thirty six years after the War, in Feb.16-17 3102 BC, Krishna left the Earth plane to go to Heaven, marking the beginning of the Kali Yuga for Bharata-varsa, which included our current Earth. Immediately after Krisna's departure, a Deluge followed lasting seven days, which drowned or sank most of Bhrata-varsa, leaving only nine major snow and ice-bound landmasses, one of which was our Earth. This is described in the Christian bible as Noah's Flood, but it extended way beyond our known Earth.

Our Earth, along with 8 others, has been in quarantine for 5125 years, beginning in 3102 BC, which was the start of the Kali Yuga. This is one-fifth of the precession cycle of some 25,626 years, the fifth which included the second half of the Age of Taurus, all of the Age of Aries, and the now ending Age of Pisces.

The Kali Yuga is a 432,000 year period of darkness for humanity, of which we are only 5125 years in(as of 2022/23 AD). There are ups and downs in this Yuga but it is generally the lowest of the four Yugas in the complete cycle lasting 4,320,000 years. Materiality and death dominate in the Kali Yuga(also known as the Iron Age) until we start a new cycle beginning with a new Satya Yuga or Golden Age lasting 1,728,000 years. Following Satya is the Treta Yuga or Silver Age of 1,296,000 years, and the Dvapara or Bronze Age of 864,000 years.

Values, stature, and lifespans deteriorate with each Yuga or Age. See my article, "Just When and Where Are We" in the Cosmology section, for details on this.

Before 3102 BC or the Kali Yuga, we were in a very different world: people lived up to a thousand years, and were much taller, stronger, and smarter, We were of course in the Dvapara or Bronze Age, where we still had values and we could still converse or interact with divinity. In the Old Testament, this was the time of Adam and the Patriarchs, but even then, war and greed crept in, especially near the end of the age, as the War of Mahabharata attests to.

Also, Bharata-varsa, or southernmost Jambudvipa, was once a whole, unflooded landmass some 640,000 miles across, with much of the characteristics as the rest of Jambudvipa. It was the war of gods and demons that destroyed it all and left us in the condition we are now in. The demons are once again overtaking us, especially since 2020, and it's time to call on Krisna(Christ) once again to deliver us and end, or at least alleviate, our 5100+ year quarantine on this Earth.

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