Vulcan and our Binary Sun System

There is increasing evidence of a second less visible and more inclined sun system working side by side with our own. This "Planet X" system is made up of Vulcan(my name for it), a smaller Sun orbiting our own Sun within Mercury's orbit, and its retinue of small planets. Vulcan is a damaged sun core enshrouded by debris and dust which causes plague and disease when it and its moons or planets are in proximty to us. This in effect makes ours a binary sun system.

Why hasn't this body been spotted? Perhaps it has, but has been kept secret. Scott C'one and Dr. Claudia Albers of the Planet X News website are trying to bring this out in the open but are paying dearly for the disclosure. Recently, Dr Albers fell ill due to smart meter exposure, and is currently recuperating. Both believe our increase in earthquakes, epidemics, and extreme weather conditions are related to this planet X system and its interference with our biosphere. They say it has been building up for the last few decades and will get worse in the next eleven years.

In effect, a new planet or sun is making itself increasingly felt and seen with devastating effects to our Earth. This body has a 28 day eccentric orbit around our Sun and is more inclined to the ecliptic than Mercury, which Albers says is part of the planet x system. Below is an image of the sun/planet's orbit.

As proof that this body exists they have provided some amazing video and image captures via various solar data browsers such as Below are some of the images...

Scott's stunning image capture of "vulcan" or sun core next to our own(Scott in upper right)

Below are two images of video footages of the planet x body as it orbits our Sun captured by Scott at different times. You can see the amazing full footages on his website which is Scott C'one - You Tube. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is.

What does Vulcan Mean Astrologically?

Vulcan may or may not be the true ruler of Virgo, I cannot say for sure, but this body's apparently powerful effect over our weather, environment, and health makes it seem likely. With a supposedly 28-day orbit inside that of Mercury's(which has an 88 day orbit), Vulcan can only be some 8 to 10 degrees or so maximum away from the Sun's position. This means that it will in most cases be in the same sign as your Sun, unless you are born at the beginning or end of your Sun sign, in which case it may dip into the sign before or after.

If all of this pans out, then we may all have another major planet or body to work with in astrology. New astrological bodies always cause major changes to our planet and our beings years before they are officially seen or announced. The next eleven years will tell. We are living in very momentous times!

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