The Spiritual Battle for Earth

This plane/realm is and has been parasited upon by off world-entities for thousands of years. These entities are the fallen beings or "gods" described in the religions and mythologies of the world. They appear as half-human half-beast creatures who once stood before the throne of heaven but who have been banished to the deep caves and crevices of the underground or infernal regions of the Earth for later judgement. They feed off of and drain humans both physically and emotionally and is why our world is in such a state of low vibration, chaos, and damage.

When they fell to Earth they mixed with humans marrying the women and teaching us their ways. Nearly all of our arts and sciences were taught us by these semi-divine beings or gods who established our royal and racial lineages. The children born of them became the heroes and legends of mythology. There came a time, however when their ways became perverted and cruel and they started abusing and even eating us. They corrupted humanity to the point where the true God had to intervene and a worldwide Flood washed them all away.

The flood and catastophes changed our world drastically reducing our biology and way of life. What was once a greenhouse Earth became an unbalanced ecosystem of night and day, winter and summer, rain and storm, vast oceans and raised mountains, and a radically reduced stature and lifespan. Some of the creatures and humans of the Great Flood escaped underground and are there to this day. The humans who were divinely saved from the flood, such as Noah, were used to repopulate the Earth.

Throughout the ensuing history, connections were made between corrupt surface humans and the underground denizens, exchanging power and technology for human slaves. This trade has been going on for the last several thousand years, and only recently have there been any real attempts to clean up this underground hell. Buddha, Jesus, and other avatars began this clean up movement but it was hijacked at various points. There may now be enough light workers(144,000) to pull this off successfully.

One of the first modern serious attempts to clean up this hell or "deep state" was begun with the creation of the United States of America whose constitution guarantees freedom and justice for all. President Lincoln may have been the first to try and overthrow this underground stranglehold upon humanity but was assasinated. President J.F.Kennedy followed, but was also assasinated. Now President Trump and his lightworkers are giving it another try and I hope he and the rest of us succeed. If we do, a new age of love, light, and freedom will occur. If we do not, current humanity will almost entirely be enslaved and destroyed.

Psychics and remote viewers such as J.C.Kay have provided us an accurate representation of the hell beneath us which is usually located under ley lines or vortices and beneath deserts or polar regions. The ley lines form the Earth grid or nervous system of the planet where these negative entities attach or draw from, weakening her life force. Churches and monuments are built over these lines or intersections and connected by deep underground tunnels which funnel the energy or "loosh" which they feed upon. They do this with humans as well, extracting adrenochrome from their pineals to keep them physically young and healthy, and many of the human elites do this as well. They also feed on our negative emotions by inciting fear, war, lust, chaos, and division.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are deserts and polar regions and other climactic imbalances? This is because of ancient wars with the demonic creatures who still live among us. Not only do they use government leaders to create war suffering and chaos(which feeds them), but they also cause climactic inbalance by parasiting off the Earth's energy and roaming the ethers. They rule or dominate the lower astral 4th dimension as well as the Earth's underground. Vast scorching deserts and frozen arctic or antarctic tundras are key locations for these creatures as well as major cities. Miles beneath these areas are the cavern prisons where such entities have been banished to. When they are removed or destroyed, the Earth's energies will rebalance and the deserts and and polar regions will begain to flourish again. When all of the planet's chakras are unblocked and flowing fully again, this planet will become a Garden of Eden again. This will also affect own chakras and transform us as well as they are already in the process of doing.

One such center is Uluru mountain in central Australia, which is being is being reactivated by light workers at this time(see my Uluru article in this Cosmology section). There are at least 12 other major chakra centers around the Earth, such as beneath Mount Shasta in California(see my Earth Chakras article for the complete list) and they're also being worked on.

When J.C.Kay remote viewed beneath Uluru she saw a horrible sight; grotesque demonic creatures feeding off manufactured humans. She also saw many of these creatures being rounded up and eliminated by the forces of light using magical means. Directly beneath Uluru mountain was a crystal sphere of light(Earth's heart chakra) with writing on it, and gripped by dark fingers sucking off it's energy. Later on this hand began to dry up and shrivel as it was being worked on by the light people. You can get more details by visiting J.C.Kay's website. She also did remote viewings of the Vatican and more recently -Antarctica.

On Antarctica, she reveals why so many world leaders go there and why it is so off limits to visitors. According to her, our world leaders go there to make deals with these hellish entities. Saucers access a "forbidden" underground area through a portal in a lake. In her astral body and with her male soul partner, J.C. is led to a room containg pods in which are trapped the souls of Isis and Osiris and from which our matrix is extracted. Guarding the pods are guards in the form of Egyptian mythological creatures. In another room are soldier guards and world leaders(in their astral bodies) convening and negotiating with dark and demonic inter-dimensional beings for the fate of humanity. Trump and Flynn are there leading the human Alliance. Antarctica as a whole is a physical cover for an astral meeting realm -which is the focal point for our matrix.

J.C. further explains that these demonic entities are behind the lockdowns and are using the CCP as their primary vehicles for human sustenance and abuse, but that Trump and the Alliance(led by the good angels) succeeded(astrally) in imprisoning and driving out the evil ones from our realm. According to J.C. the evil ones should be fully gone by April, 2021.

Folks, we are fighting a spiritual/astral war! The evil ones feed on FEAR, so do not become a fearmonger. The media is currently FEAR-BASED and this is delaying the clean-up of our realm and society. Think only good and positive thoughts and the golden age will be here sooner than you think!

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