Moving From 3D to 5D

Note: the following article and information is soley the author's and may or may not be wholly correct.

There's a lot of talk now about humanity and the planet moving from 3D to 5D, especially in terms of conciousness.

Basically, there exist some 12 dimensions in our universe from the smallest unit of matter or energy to the omniverse or all that is.

Physically or visually the first 3 dimensions can be described as...

1. LENGTH or two dots connected to form a line(1st dimension)
2. WIDTH or height as in a flat square, picture, photo, or flat TV or computer screen(2nd dimension)
3. DEPTH or volume or relief as in a cube, block, or all organic or non-organic objects(3rd dimension)

These first three dimensions describe our known physical Earthly reality according to our five physical senses.

The 4th dimension is often described as TIME and is represented by the tesseract in geometry. In order to see this "cube within a cube" what is needed is TRANSPARENCY. Someone functioning at 4D will be able to see through objects as though possessed of x-ray vision. Psychics, for instance, have 4D ability. They can read or operate in the astral or etheric realm which is also 4D. Lower or base emotions are 4D as opposed to reason or the lower intellect which is 3D. Ghosts, the akashic records, dreams, visions, premonitions, etc. are all 4D. The Moon or Cancer zodiac sign is also 4D. In fact, a good description of all the dimensions can be obtained by relating them to the twelve zodiac signs as follows...

1st dimensionAriesMarsraw, primal, lower, or base spirit
2nd dimensionTaurusVenusraw, primal, lower, or base matter
3rd dimensionGeminiMercuryraw, primal, lower, or base mind
4th dimensionCancerMoonraw, primal, lower, or base emotion
5th dimensionLeoSunrefined, individual, mid, or conscious spirit
6th dimensionVirgo*Mercuryrefined, individual, mid, or conscious matter
7th dimensionLibra*Venusrefined, individual, mid, or conscious mind
8th dimensionScorpioPlutorefined, individual, mid, or conscious emotion
9th dimensionSagittariusJupiteruniversal, higher, or superconscious spirit
10th dimensionCapricornSaturnuniversal, higher, or superconscious matter
11th dimensionAquariusUranusuniversal, higher, or superconscious mind
12th dimensionPiscesNeptuneuniversal, higher, or superconscious emotion
* temporary until the true ruler is found or determined

The 5th dimension moves from the astral to the spiritual or egoic state. This is the level at which your Higher or God self operates and which we are all striving to return to. This is the love or heart state represented by the astrologigal sign of Leo and its ruler the Sun. The Sun we see in our skies is a literal physical manifestation of our collective 5D God-self. It shines brightly and hot because it is operating at 5D. When we become 5D the Sun will look to us less brighter than the Moon or like a normal planet. Gods, angels, and stars are all 5D as opposed to ghosts, demons, reptillians, or other lower vibrating entities which operate at 4D. Humans in bodies are focused at 3D in their waking lives and 4D in their sleep or dream states but are driven on by their 5D or higher selves which are currently repressed or undeveloped.

Dimensions 6 through 12 are difficult to explain or understand and so I will not get into that here, but there are some good theories proposed by both physicists and esoteric people which you can research on the internet. These greater dimensions are part of the incredible developmental journey all living beings have waiting for them.

So all of us are are actually 5D or higher beings who are experiencing 3D and lower material manifestation for growth and development. Our 12 chakras or etheric energy centers, each of which is connected to one of the 12 planets, and twelve glands in the body, also parallels with each of the 12 dimensions. Everything is interrelated. Most of us have only the first 3 or 4 chakras fully functioning with the higher ones only partially so. Awakening or fully activating the higher ones through regeneration and purification will allow us to operate on all dimensions.

Earth or Gaia is currently in the process of moving from 3D/4D to 5D and so are many of its lifeforms. Astrologically, this is the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It is a 400-year transition period(roughly 1800-2200 AD) that is causing much change and stress. 2020-2030 AD appears to be the most intense phase of this transition. Those who are unable to adapt and make the change will die and be reborn elsewhere to continue their evolution, while those who change now and survive will become the foundation for this new age.

In summary, the cosmic conditions are ripe now for many(not all) to graduate or shift their center/focus from 3D/4D to 5D, or from their physical/astral to their light body. Those who succeed will activate their merkaba and join the angels and the "shining ones" who are already in 5D or higher. The bible talks about these ascended ones as the 144,000 elect or virgins(Rev.14:4 ) who will rule or guide the remaining common masses in 3D, and a purged 4D, througout the coming millennial Golden Age. In the meantime, we must continue to purify ourselves through diet, fasting, meditation, prayer, etc. to keep our vibrations high and be counted worthy, despite the corresponding great evil that is also surfacing at this time, such as the lockdowns, masks, closures, and restrictions.

the shining ones

The most heinous evil of all is the push to get everyone vaccinated over a relatively harmless and common virus. This is a desperate attempt by the deep state to bring everyone down with them as they know their time is short. Vaccines have never cured anything, and they're responsible for nearly all of the plagues and diseases throughout history, and like wars, are an effective tool for depopulation. MRNA vaccines change your DNA and short circuit or hinder your ability to ascend into 5D or higher. The same can be said for flouride, chemtrails, 5G, cell phones and wireless in general, power lines, GMO, chemo, x-rays, carbon monoxide, chemicals in your food and water, pharmaceuticals in general, and more. People who live in the cold zones and in the cities are especially subjected to these and other debilitating conditions. The best places to ascend are in warm, peaceful, and natural locations or environments -away from the poisons and stresses of modern society.

And don't wait for someone to save you. While, yes there is a collective effort to save humanity, it all starts at the individual level. The lockdowns have given many of you a chance to do some serious research both intellectually and at the soul level. Forget the mainstream media -it's all lies and propoganda and is why most people are still asleep. Go to alternative websites and use your intuition to sift out the truth. It's all coming out now and soon it will spill or flood over into the mainstream, thanks in large part to those who have learned the truth and are courageosly warning the rest of us. Unfortunately, knowledge isn't enough. We must also act on what we know, and it appears many have had enough and are doing just that. Things may seem dark now, but remember, it's always darkest or coldest before the dawn.

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