Large Planet X Moon

What's happening to our astronomers!? Why are they not reporting on the exciting new objects forming around the Sun. Only Scott C'one is doing the real work, particularly in connection with the Planet X object which has been lurking between Mercury and the Sun since at least 2007.

Scott appears to have discovered a very large moon hugging around his planet X which takes 28 days to orbit the Sun. Of course this is all in the infrared spectrum so that it is not visible to the naked eye, but this does not mean it's not real. All planetary objects are etheric or non-visible before they manifest in 3d.

Here are two of Scott's refined or filtered images taken from the Seeds Program satelite. Planet X and it's moon are at the 5 o'oclock position.

Planet X and its very large moon

close up of large planet x moon

Part of the large moon appears to have been damaged or blown off. What do these pictures mean? Is our Sun creating a new planet, or has a new planet attached itself to the Sun, and when will it become visible for all to see? New planets mean new world conditions. Is this planet and its moon connected to the current turmoil plaguing our planet? We shall soon find out.

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