Planet X has Moons!

Scott C'one of Planet X News has revealed another interesting fact about Planet X - it has moons! Or perhaps planetoids, since Planet X is actually somewhere between a giant planet and a Sun.

Planet X and its various moons.

Looks a lot like eye my floaters. I was sungazing in 2010, and soon afterwards developed a series of eye floaters, one of which looked exactly like the Planet X system. I was able to count at least 8 or 9 small specks around a larger one.

Planet X has a 28-day orbit around our Sun within Mercury's orbit. It's been seen since at least 2007, and comes very close to the Sun every 14 days, causing huge coronal outbursts, and this is when it is best visible. It's obviously affecting our weather and other events here on Earth, and its mostly negative effects will intensify during our current solar minimum(low sunspot activity) which will last for the next ten years, coinciding nicely with the the New World Order agenda(2020-2030). Planet X may indeed be Rahu or the Dark or Black Sun, the Sun's true eclipser(not the Moon) which the Illuminati or Deep State worship.

Planet X will probably be used to cause the coming great plagues or pandemics of which Covid-19 is a feeble precursor. These are the same plagues which occurred during the biblical Exodus during the time of Moses or in other critical periods in history. It may as well be called Lucifer, the fallen one, who scourges the Earth, and is also the Yahweh of the Old Testament.

Planet X is its own system within our own system existing parallel to it, like weeds in the grass, except it is largely dark and lifeless and sucking off our main system. Some of the smaller and more inclined bodies in our system such as Mercury, Pluto, and Eris, may belong to the Planet X system. Here's a more recent capture showing what may be TWO Planet X's!.

Two Planet X's?.

This is a more recent capture taken by Scott's friend(Wages World) on July 19th, 2020 uncovering what appears to be a 2nd Planet X using special filters. This may make ours a TRIPLE Sun system!

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