What's That Around Our Sun?
Planet X update.

As of 2024, Scott C'one of Planet X News is still monitoring that intra-Mercurial anomaly that's growing around our Sun. It's in the infrared spectrum and therefore invisible to the human eye, but by using the LASCO c2 satellite's infrared filter, Scott is able to bring in some clear views of this mysterious object that's been hanging around our Sun since at least 2007.

What looks like a menacing interloper(reddish) around our Sun. The white circle in the coronagraph shows the actual size of our Sun.

The insert to the left(purplish) is an electrically charged plasma ball which has a similar evil look to Planet X's moonish/devilish face on the right.

Scott has estimated PLANET X's highly inclined orbit to be 28 days and within Mercury's orbit, coming very close to the Sun at some points in its orbit. From the previous articles posted in this section you can see that it has grown tremendously in size rivaling the Sun itself and is no doubt responsible for many of the huge flares witnessed over the years.

Why isn't astronomy reporting on this? Either Scott is a misinfo agent or NASA is purposefully hiding this from the public. From what I can tell, Scott appears to be genuine in his research and there may indeed be a large but invisible second sun forming around our main Sun. I also sense that the relationship between these two suns is antagonistic, and that the new parasite sun is negative in nature, but I could be wrong.

I would love to have an astrological ephemeris for this body, but am unable to obtain one. Because "planet X" is always within ten degrees from the Sun from our Earthly perspective, it can only, like Mercury, be in the sign of your Sun, or if you are born early or late in your sign, it will be in the sign before or after it.

Could this intra-Mercurial object be the fabled Vulcan coming back to life, or is it something altogether different? Is it closely connected to the great End Time changes rapidly accelerating in these last years? Is this the main player in the coming Great Plasma or Flash event so Many New Agers are talking about. Is the new object going to overtake and replace our Sun and start a new era? When will this object finally become visible? These are intriguing questions only time will answer.

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