Just When and Where Are We?

These are timeless questions which few are able to answer with any kind of authority, but the Hindu Vedic scriptures appear to have most of the answers. The Puranas, in particular, deal with the cosmological subjects of time and space, but can be found scattered in other texts as well.

When Are We?

Hindu cosmology puts this Universe at just over 155.5 trillion years, or half the life of Brahma our Creator. Brahma is currently in the first day of his 51st year of his 100 years of life from our perspective. When he reaches 311 trillion years he (and our universe) will die/rest for another 311 trillion years, before another universe is created again.

Here is a time scale comparing Brahma's life to ours...

one life of Brahma is 311.04 trillion of our years
one year of Brahma is 3.1104 trillion of our years  
one month of Brahma is 259.2 billion of our years  
one week of Brahma is 60.48 billion of our years
one full day of Brahma is 8.64 billion of our years  
one hour of Brahma is 18 million of our years, 
one minute of Brahma is 300,000 of our years, 
one second of Brahma is 5000 of our years.

We are also in the Kali Yuga of 28th(of 1000) Mahayuga of the 7th(of 14) Manvantara, of the 1st day of Brahma's 51st birthday. This 28th Kali-Yuga began in 3102 BC and will end in 428,899 AD. The Kali-Yuga is the shortest and lowest of the 4 Yugas where humans live to be about 100 years old and average 5.3 feet in height.

Here is a description of the 28th Mahayuga period of which we are in...

average height
average age
1. Satya/Krita Yuga
lasts 1,728,000 years
3,891,102 BC
Golden Age
33.5 ft
100,000 years
2. Treta-Yuga
lasts 1,296,000 years
2,163,102 BC
Silver Age
22.25 ft
10,000 years
3. Dwapara-Yuga
lasts 864,000 years
867,102 BC
Bronze Age
11ft 2in
1000 years
4. Kali-Yuga
lasts 432,000 years
3,102 BC
Iron Age
5 ft 3 in
100 years

This shows us that our current Kali-Yuga civilization that started with the Great Flood or last major reset is only 5125 years(as of 2022), and this is only in Bharata-varsa, which is a very small sector of our universe. we have 426,875 years to go in Kali Yuga before we enter a new Mahayuga cycle of 4,320,000 years.

Hindu Time Cycles

Sad to say that, with some exceptions, things will generally get worse for the collective for the rest of the Kali-Yuga cycle, until humans are reduced to souless zombie-like scavengers only 2.5 feet tall and with very short lifespans. That's why it's important to get out of materiality now, on an individual basis, and access the higher worlds or realms. Yes, there are ups and downs in all the Yugas, and we will have a type of Golden Age in the near future, but after that things will only get worse.

This brings us to the WHERE part of this article.

Where Are We?

In the 5th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, chapters 16-26, we are presented with a geocentric model of our cosmic egg universe (of which there are countless others) answering the question of WHERE.

Our Universe is called Brahmanda(named after Brahma the Creator) which is about 5000 light years in diameter. The nucleus of Brahmanda, where actual physical life occurs, is a level plane or disc called Bhumandala, which is 4 billion miles in diameter and which encompasses most of the known planets, at least up to Uranus, and especially when using the distance value of 8.5 miles per yojana.

Bhumandala is as high and low as it is wide containing 7 upper or heaven levels and 7 lower or hell levels. Our Earth plane or disc which is the entirety of Bhumandala is in the top middle, a kind of Purgatory that decides which of the other levels you can go to. Everything that is above ground is generally considered heaven and everything below ground is considered hell, and the higher or lower you go the more extreme it gets. The Heaven worlds are populated by gods, demi-gods, and disciples who are concerned mostly with spiritual matters, while the Hell worlds are populated by demons, dragons, and evil-doers who are mostly concerned with materialistic things. The two realities basically oppose or counterbalance each other.

The surface of Bhumandala is where most of us are, working out our issues, and is divided into a huge central island called Jambudvipa measuring 800,000 miles across with its salt-water ocean Lavana also measuring 800,000 miles in width. Six other land rings and their oceans, each twice as large as the previous, surround Jambudvipa, ending in a gigantic mountain range caled Lokaloka, one billion miles out from Meru's center. An area of darkness follows the Lokaloka mountain range(which is so high and thick it blocks out the sun), called Aloka-varsa, which stretches out for another billion miles. After that are nine concentric borders or barriers of finer and finer material each ten times larger than the previous, so that a distance of galactic proportions is reached. We and 8 other island Earths or worlds live on the southernmost section of the central island Jambudvipa called Bharata-varsa, as is depicted in the diagram below.

Our Location in the Multiverse

Bharata-varsa is one of the 9 divisions or sections of Jambudvipa named after the king of that name. The ninth island, Kumari, is our Earth measuring 8000 miles in diameter. Kumari was the only daughter(along with 8 sons) of King Bharata who named the island after her and placed it under her rule. The section of Bharata-varsa is separated by a huge mountain range measuring 640,000 miles or more across, and 80,000 miles high. Bharata-varsa was once a continuous land plane until 5125 years ago when a great war and flooding reduced it to nine islands, one of which is our Earth. Each Island is surrounded by ice and snow(another consequence of the war) and Bharata-varsa as a whole is generally quarantined from the other 8 sections of Jambudvipa, which live much more godly lifestyles. One day Bharata-varsa will be restored and reunited with its mainland as it once was.

The Great War of Maharabhata, which involved Krishna, occurred in 3139 BC. Krishna incarnated in 3228 BC. He came because the demons from hell began overtaking the surface Bhumandala, and a clean up was in order. The infestation was especially bad in Bharata-varsa which suffered the greatest damage of the War, and which led to a Great Flooding(of which Noah was part) of the region. After Krishna and his armies slaughtered most of the demons, who create politics and money and technology to fool and enslave the people, he ascended to his Heaven home at the age of 125 and seven months. His sad departure in 3102 BC left a void which began the Kali Yuga in Bharata-varsa. Life became much harsher and people became smaller and lived shorter lives, but at least they started on the right track now that they were relatively free from the dark ones.

The other 8 sections of Jambudvipa suffered less damage and basically continued their paradisical lifesyles. Everyone here is larger and lives to be hundreds and even thousands of years old wiith no disease or death as we know it or any of the afflictions that now curse Bharata-varsa. Whenever the demons become too numerous or powerful, the people call out for Krishna, and he returns to save them. Since 3102 BC, Krishna which is the Christian Christ, has retuned in various ways under various disguises to control or thwart evil. Humanity is now once again at the point where great evil is overtaking it, just as in the days of Noah, and the people are crying out again, and soon Krishna/Christ will return to wage another Great Battle to free humanity again.

This time the Battle will be even more momentous, and once the demons are defeated and restained, there will be another Golden Age within this Kali Yuga, of at least one thousand years(some say ten thousand). Whatever the length, it will be most welcome, and will allow a large part of humanity to graduate from this Earth plane, where evil and corruption dominate and prosper. After the Golden Age, evil will come back again to continue its ever-destructive ways.

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