A New Planet Is Forming Between Mercury And The Sun

Great changes have been taking place, both personally and collectively, in the last few decades, especially since 2007, when the first images of a new body between Mercury and the Sun were captured.

The scientific media, of course, did not report it, nor did anyone else, except for the team of Planet X News. There's a great conspiracy going on trying to hide this object(via non-reporting, chemtrails, etc.) possibly for fear of panic as to what it will bring about, but at least one voice(Planet X News) is reporting on it.

The object is visible in infrared, hence why it has not been generally seen, but its effects on our Sun, weather, and even lives is uinmistakable. It is smaller than the Sun but quite huge so that it may even be a small sun rather than a planet, but it's a little too early to tell. It has been growing of late, perhaps because of its feeding off the Sun on its close approaches, and seems to be "glowing"(see image below).

image of glowing inta-Mercurial object captured by Scott C'one of Planet X News on Aug.13, 2019 through Helioviewer.org

Now at first I did not take Scott and his wife/partner(Dr.Albers) too seriously, but the more I watched and listened to their videos the more I became convinced they were onto something. Being a Flat Earther I was disheartened to hear Scott and Albers still believe in the old lies of Nasa that the Sun, Moon, planets and stars are "millions" of miles or light years away, But I'll overlook this in light of their sincere and honest reporting. The object is still there, even though it's not so far away.

Scott has been tracking this object since 2007 and closely following its stunning development in recent years. It began as a cometary object but gradually adopted a shorter and more fixed orbit around the Sun. As of the last few years it's maintaining a highly eccentric orbit in relation to the ecliptic with its southern end longer than its northern one(see first image in the "Vulcan and Our Binary Sun System" article in this same section). It appears to have an orbit of 28 days(like the Moon), and currently(2019) comes prominently into view around the 13th or 14th of each month as it makes its climb from the ecliptic.

As with any newly forming or adopted planet, this causes great changes both on Earth and in our psyches. Since 2007 and for the next eleven years, the activity of this object will intensify leading to more drastic earth and weather changes as well as personal ones. Maybe this object is what the globalists are secretly referring to when they talk about global warming. The last few summers HAVE become increasingly hotter, especially in the Northern hemisphere, and there are more frequent fires, vegetation loss, animal and insect die-offs, and chaotic or extreme weather in general. Is the new planet/sun somehow responsible for this? Is it one of the reasons they're chemtrailing the skies?

Planet X or Vulcan(as I like to call it) or whatever this newly forming object is, appears to be real and is having huge effects on our Earth and all life on it. It is irresponsible of our leaders not to be telling us about it, especially if it portends disastrous calamities.

When the "birth" of this body is completed, it may finally become visible in our skies, and we may see it clearly next to the Sun. Then we will have an extra body in the heavens and both the astronomers and astrologers will study it and tell us how it effects us.

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