The Modern Planets as Reset Catalysts

After every reset technology is again slowly leaked out to the unsuspecting masses with the goal of grooming them for another reset which happens every few hundred years or so. I like to link these resets with the REdiscoveries of of the modern planets of Uranus(science), Neptune(mysticism), and Pluto(corporatism).

These 3 planets(and perhaps two more) are energetic release catalysts by the controllers to set into motion enormous changes that irreversibly reset our society, which up until that point was relatively simple and stable and under the influence of the inner planets up to Saturn(Satan).

Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) which has a cycle of 84 years breaks the bonds of Saturn and gets the ball rolling with new inventions and discoveries, like electricity, which catapults us into a "modern" society. This is exactly what happened around 1781 when Uranus was REdiscovered, signaling all of the pre-fabricated revolutions which permanently transformed our society, especially in the West. Uranus also advances or promotes science and technology over religion and tradition. It encourages us to rebel or break free of convention and tradition.

Neptune (ruler of Pisces) with a cycle of 165 years and discovered in 1846, follows on the heels of Uranus bringing in gas, steam, and water power to fuel our transport vehicles, and introduces mediums like film, photography, hypnotism, and psychology which serve to meld us into group conciousness. Neptune also brings in mystic and occult societies and their collectivizing ideas and ideologies. Oil, gas, and all of the chemicals that are now in our food water and air as well as all the drugs and pharmaceuticals are also Neptunian contributions.

Uranus and Neptune together reprogrammed our electro(Uranus)magnetic(Neptune) ether and minds to accept new ideas and beliefs and ways of living. Radios, phones, and televisions, which always existed, started becoming mass produced which linked us all in new ways.

Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) with a cycle of 248 years and introduced in 1930, brought politics, government, taxes, World War, elitism, and dictators, as well as pollution, trafficking, and genocide. Everything accelerated tenfold under Pluto increasing productivity as well as stress. World population exploded as did natural and man-made disasters. Pluto is the planet of the End Time where the survival of humanity and the planet are at stake.

Together, the energies of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto transformed and reset our society in unimaginable ways over a period of 250 years. These three planets are the "sinfull" or fallen ones which always seek to go beyond the norms but fail because they are so difficult to master. Yet with every fail we progress and seek to stretch our boundaries which is what life is all about. Beyond Pluto are other planets of even greater challenge which we must also master, but this can only be done with TIME and much greater lifespans.

The next major planet of a cycle of some 600 years and possibly linked to Libra (Eris?) will bring balance and justice to the extremism of Pluto and expand our horizons to include more lands and continents and civilizations beyond our known world. This is already being revealed or promulgated coercively in the mass media and will soon become widely accepted. Nations and worlds will learn to coexist peacefully and productively without the threat of New World Orders and all that nonsense.

Perhaps a final planet of a cycle over 1000 years and possibly linked to Virgo will bring back the restoration of nature and the planet as it once was in the beginning; a healthy, verdant, balanced ecosystem and simple and natural lifestyle that will slowly but surely regenerate our bodies, souls, minds, and spirits, and that of the land or planet as well. We will become giants and be long-lived again and so will all of nature around us.

The seven traditional "fallback" and five modern "reset" planets

Note: In esoteric astrology Earth and Vulcan are the 11th and twelfth planets whereas astronomers and astrologers tend more to look beyond Pluto. In times of fallback, Saturn takes on the added rulership of Aquarius, Jupiter of Pisces, Mars of Scorpio, Venus of Libra, and Mercury of Virgo. Even now, this dual rulership scheme is workable, so that Mars for example, primary ruler of Aries, still retains a certain power over Scorpio. Conversely, Pluto, primary ruler of Scorpio, also shows elements of Aries.

This also works for Saturn/Uranus or Cap/Aquarius, Jupiter/Neptune or Sag/Pisces, Venus/Earth/X or Taurus/Libra, and Mercury/Vulcan/Y or Gemeni/Virgo. It appears our controllers have the power to repress, release, or even reassign a planet's influence as they see fit. This in turn profoundly affects our biology and psychology via our chakras and glands which are miniature planetary centers of their own.

Humanity is slowly being awakened to its full or former potential, but will we be able to handle it? Some will but most won't which is why we keep falling back or resetting. Individually, this translates to continuous reincarnations which are a kind of reset. For those who do make it, new bodies, lands, realities, or realms await them that offer unlimited unfoldment or development. For the rest, they will continue as they wish, apart from the others.

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