Planet Ring History

Note: The following article is largely speculative and may or may not be accurate.

The land rings of our Bhumandala plane describe our history much like tree rings reveal a tree's age. While the Vedic Bhumandala scheme ends with Saturn, I have extended it to Neptune, and it probably goes far beyond that. The outermost Neptune ring, especially the water part, is where all life sprang from. This includes the underbelly of Bhumandala which is primarily ocean, as well as what's outside Bhumandala, which is also water.

This Neptune ring or sphere is ruled over by Poseidon, God of the Sea, and his fishmen/women or merpeople, as well as the dolphins, fishes, whales, and other sea creatures, which are the oldest or most primal life forms. It was the first ring to be birthed from the Polarian center but is now the last(or near last) ring. This may explain why most planets in astronomy beyond Neptune(such as Pluto and Eris) always have their perihelion(closest approach to the Sun) within or very near Neptune's orbit.

The Uranus ring may be the first actual solid land ring and represents the transition from water-based(Neptune/Pisces) life to air-breathing(Aquarius) life, the highest of which is the human being. When this ring was birthed some 200,000 years ago, it pushed the Neptune ring further out. The first humans, the Titans, were born some 150,000 years ago, and were incredibly huge(some were miles high) in size and lived incredibibly long(many thousands of years), and were incredibly intelligent. They were bisexual or hermaphroditic and self-reproducing(parthogenic). This was the Golden Age of humanity.

The Saturn ring was birthed some 100,000 years ago, giving birth to the Satans or Luciferians who were giants, but smaller than the Titans. Lucifer was the first male born of his sisters the Titans who were predominantly female or matriarchal. Lesbianism and a poor diet led to this defective male birth who was smaller, uglier, dumber, and unable to reproduce by himself. Lucfer was pitied by his sisters causing him to rebel against them with his inferior technology. He even kidnapped some of the smaller and more female Titans and forced them to have sex with him so his race or king could multiply. Of course, he lost the war and was cast out of "Heaven/Uranus" onto the newly forming land ring which he named after himself. He was now Satan, leader of Saturn and the Saturnians. The Saturn ring pushed the Uranus and Neptune rings further out causing chaos and upheaval in the process.

The Satans lived peacefully on Saturn for 50,000 years(Silver Age) before trouble started brewing. Some of the later generations started challenging Lucifer for rulership and one such was Yahweh or Jehovah(Jupiter). Jupiter's race multiplied and led a rebellion against the Satans, but he was defeated and cast out to the newly forming land ring being birthed by Polaria, which is the true seat of the Gods or Creators. Jupiter and his race of Olympians lived peacefully on Jupiter(land ring) for about the next 50,000 years. It is from this land and history that our Greek and Roman "myth's" come from.

It is from the above four primary land rings that the rest of Humanity descended, successively smaller and more degenerated. From Jupiter came Marduk or Mars and the Age of War and conquesting empires which characterized the Age of Aries, followed by Christianity(Pisces/Neptune), and the current scientific age of Uranus/Aquarius. Each new ring or historical epoch is signified or represented by a planet, and just as the planets get smaller in size or orbit, so do humans and their size and life spans. There may have been another ring/planet between Mars and Jupiter, but some cosmic catastrophe occurred which shattered it into countless asteroids, but not enough information is available on it.

The Innermost Land Rings and Planets

There is confusion and lack of info concerning the innermost rings and their planetary/historical associations. While the Vedas disclose the heights of the planetary bodies they do not connect them with the land rings. Radha Mohan Das does an excellent job of correlating the astronomical orbits of the planets with the Bhumandala ring scheme, as does Dr. Richard L. Thompson(Sadaputa Dasa). Their videos can be found on YouTube.

Basically, Jupiter and Saturn are within the Golden Land, with Saturn just within the Lokaloka mountain range, and Uranus in the dark Aloka-varsha region which is the supposed edge of Bhumandala. This is considering that the astronomical distances are accurate or correct. Mars falls within the outer edge of Puskaradvipa but can dip inwards substantially, while the Sun is generally near the middle of Puskaradvipa crossing over over the Manasatora mountain range.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus might actually be a small system in itself within the greater system. Perhaps, one day, Mercury and Venus(the only remaining planets ruling two signs each) may be loosed from their orbits around the Sun acquiring their own independent land rings. Finally, there is the Earth-Moon system including Mount Meru which all belong to Jambudvipa or True or Greater Earth. True Earth is actually 800,000 wiles in diameter or more than enough to include our own 8000 mile section in Bharata-varsha as well as the true Moon which has a roughly 240,000 mile radius orbit.

As said earlier, there's not much info on the inner orbits to provide a historical timeline, but according to mythical/esoteric/biblical sources, the Sun is associated with the REcreation of Earth and Adam around 3000 BC, the Moon is associated with the Flood of Noah at about 2300 BC, Mercury with the Tower of Babel around 2200 BC, Venus with the Exodus at around 1500 BC, and Mars with the founding of Rome around 750 BC, and even these dates are disputable.

Because of all the major resets we know very little about our true history, even going back a few hundred years, but the planets and stars and divinities and akasha have preserved it all, and one day the veils will be lifted and we will finally know the truth.

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