What Is That Object Next To The Sun?

Pictures of a second sun abound on YouTube, propounding it to be Nibiru or the prophesied Blue or Red Kachina, when in 99.9 % of the cases it is nothing more than a lens flare or photoshopped image. In some rare cases, however, the object is hard to dispute, and such is the picture below obtained on RFB's (Richie From Boston) June 24, 2019 video entitled "WHAT NOBODY IS DOING. We need a plan." At two minutes into the seven minute video we see a short video clip of a heavily chemtrailed Sun with a smaller luminous object to the upper left of it.

It doesn't look like or behave like a lens flare(which is seen at the lower left), nor could it be the Moon(which usually appears the same size as the sun), so what is it? Good question. Is this part of the reason they are chemtrailing -to hide this object(which is sometimes observable before or after sunset)? Personally, I've never yet seen the object but many claim they have. You be the judge.

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