Polaris - the First Star

Polaris is the pole star around which all of the heavenly bodies revolve and from which all of the heavenly bodies came from. It is the first and original star or angel or god. Yes stars are angelic beings or souls that incarnate on this material Earth plane. Everyone of us was once a star and shall return to becoming a star again.

Our Earth is a flat plane with other flat planes above and below it and the stars are above all of these planes with Polaris in the center. Polaris, Brahma, Dhruva, Krishna, Christ, Meru, and the Tree of Life are one and the same. They are the central axis where the universal life force runs through and branches out to feed everyone and everything.

The Chinese called Polaris "The great and Honorable Lord of the Heavens" who gives spiritual powers and a sense of purpose, direction, connectedness, and the ability to achieve one's objectives and to remember and find one's way back home to source.

In past ages Polaris was worshipped as the star of that age astrologically. From 0 to 2100 AD it was/is/will be in tropical Gemini. For the last hundred years or so it was at 28-29 degrees of tropical Gemini. Polaris in Gemini stimulates us to develop our minds and conciousness.

Theosophically, it is connected to the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and the First Ray, and its vibrations are felt by those on the higher path to spirituality. It is also closely linked to Aquarius and the search for truth.

All of the Avatars and Manu come from Polaris seeding the root races on the Earth planes. Kenny Martin says a root race is seeded roughly every 24,000 years, the newest one being Arya or the white race which was seeded approximately 6000 years ago. Hyperborea(Black race) is the oldest, followed by Lemuria(Asian/Oriental), followed by Atlantis(Indian/Islamic).

We all came from Polaris, and at some point we shall all go back.

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