We Are Reliving Atlantis

Note: Some of the information in this article is speculative and may or may not be accurate

America, more specifically the United States, is the modern Atlantis. The legendary Atlantis, which existed in the Atlantic Ocean in the Age of Leo (roughly 11,000-8,800 BC), came to an untimely end when dark agents of the then deep state or underground corrupted it from the inside.

These Nagas or underworld serpents incarnated as or controlled powerful people in society and government , slowly and subtly, through trickery, deception and magic, brought down one of the greatest empires in history. The collapse was so bad it created a deep and powerful trauma in the human collective which reverberates in us to this day.

theoretical depiction of the sinking of ancient Atlantis

The current pandemic situation(2020-21) around the world carries with it a heavy feeling of helplessness and despair which characterizes the mood during the last days of Atlantis, as well as all of the great crisis points in history since then, such as the fall of Egypt, the sacking of Rome, the Black Death of the mid 1300's and the Spanish Flu of 1918, all of which were artificially instigated by the snakes to reduce or slow down human population growth.

Humans may well be a kept and farmed species for the use and consumation of more sinister species or races which are currently hiding themselves from us (mostly underground). They make pacts and deals with their surface representavives in government and science which includes technological exchange for human abduction. In this way, the uneasy "peace" between we and they is maintained.

This contractual agreement is illegal and unnacceptable to most humans and must be terminated as soon as possible. The number of children, women, men, and animals abducted and used yearly(in the millions) for sex, work, slavery, entertainment, experimentation, war, drugs, subterfuge, and even food is atrocious. It's all coming out in the open now and will shock and wake up everyone. Nothing will be hidden anymore.

Everytime our population explodes there is a culling from our keepers and this is what is occurring now since 2020, with the CV vaccine as the primary weapon. While many are foolishly being vaccinated, constrained, and eliminated through a corrupt media and devilish agenda, there are are enough of us who are valianly waking up and resisting thanks largely to the internet and brave and good people in all walks of life who have our best interests at heart. There are superhuman or divine forces that are also helping and perhaps for the first time in thousands of years, we will succeed in freeing the human race.

People are naive to the fact that there truly is a very evil entity called Lucifer or Satan or the Devil who rules this world from the recesses of the Earth where conditions are stable and promote health and longetivity (see my inner Earth/Hollow Earth articles). Lucifer, who after his fall became known as Satan, is the Yahweh or Yaldabaoth of the Old Testament -the cruel and vengeful God(actually a Grey or Archon) who led the Hebrews out of Egypt and who now rules over Britain, USA, the Jewish people, and some of the northwestern nations of Europe (also known as the Lost Ten Tribes). In Genesis Yawhew is one of the 70 sons of El Elyon(true Father) who after the Tower of Babel incident in 1765 BC was assigned over the 12 tribes of ancient Israel.

But Yahweh was not content to rule just Israel, and for nearly 4000 years now, has been trying to rule over his brothers for world domination. While two of those tribes(Ephraim/Britain and Mannaseh/United States) were blessed through Abraham and have become two of the greatest nations ever, it was not without violence or bloodshed. The British Empire was obtained through force and violence as was the United States through the extermination of many native peoples. And while they enjoyed great wealth and power over the world for hundreds of years, corruption soon set in after 1950, and today they have become two of the most hated of nations. If the English peoples and their northwestern European brothers do not clean up their act, Yahweh will once again destroy and enslave them through the wrath of other nations.

We are in this situation today as Britain, America, Israel, and their corrupted system worldwide cares only about money and profit and sensorial pleasures, at the cost of truth, justice, and human lives. America sold itself to the Devil in Feb.20-21, 1954 when Eisenhower signed the Grenada Treaty with the alien Greys in exchange for technology, military supremacy, and human and animal abduction. They were earlier contacted by the good aliens but refused, and it's been downhill from there. J.F. Kennedy tried to expose the situation but was killed. All later Presidents knew about it but were silent. Trump vowed to expose and deal with it but it remains to be seen whether he and other World leaders (the Alliance) will succeed. Trump is actually a high-level Grey which explains his exceptional health and genius and why he is pushing his vaccines which will change our DNA and make us more like him.

A Note on the Greys: Greys were once human but deteriorated under reptillian bondage almost to the point of extinction. To survive they gave up their emotions to acquire superior intellectual abilities in order to develop the technology to fight their reptilian taskmasters. They also believed that their emotions and desires were the cause of all of their wars and problems. In so doing they lost much of their humanity(feelings) and began to die as a species. Theirs is a horrible genetic experiment gone wrong which they regret and so turned to abducting humans and experimenting on them in order to recapture this emotional component which gave them life and meaning. AI(artificial Intelligence), if incorporated by humans, will eventually turn them into greys as well. Many of the vaccines which contain these DNA-changing nanobots are a part of this and should be avoided. You do not want to become a robotic soldier for the selfish interests of despotic aliens. Humans, having been invaded so often and genetically manipulated, are a composite of at least twelve alien species(hence our 12-sign astrology).

our genome is a composite of many alien races

The leaks have been plenty however, and the horrible truth that we are controlled by malevolent aliens is slowly coming out, especially since 2020. Alternative internet media is slowly putting the pieces together and already the general populace is quite well versed on what is actually happening. The horrors and secrets of the ages are coming to light as the veils lift and we enter the Aquarian Age of truth and freedom and break free from the shackles and last gasps of the mystical, illusory, and deceptive Piscean Age. The new age will have its problems too, of course, but it will be a refreshing restart. Of course the bad guys are presenting their own distorted version of the new age with AI and Luciferian beliefs and technology as our saviours, but we must resist this. The real new age which we must create is organic and godly, not scientific and satanic. We must not allow the bad guys to hijack our true human destiny and potential as they have done so many times before, such as in Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Britain, and now America. Where America goes, the rest of the world follows.

If America falls in the next few years, then it remains up to us as individuals to pick up the slack. Individual salvation i easier or more preferable than national or world salvation, as Jesus has shown us. Yahweh or Allah has always aimed for national or global salvation and has always failed. You cannot enforce the same rules for everyone and this is the problem with globalism, communism, or the New World Order. Jesus and Buddha on the other hand, aim for individual salvation which is far more achievable. We must transition away from global or national rule, whether it be government or faith. The smaller or more local the governing entity, the better. No federal government should overpower the state, city, village, tribe, family unit, or individual adult. It all begins with INDIVIDUAL sovereignity, and not the other way around as the NWO is trying to do. Global government will be HELL ON EARTH. In better times, we will all be free to responsibly travel and explore the world and our potentials without borders and restrictions regardless of race, nationality, sex or faith. Yes, there will still be nations and cities, but they will not have the power that they have today.

artist's depiction of the sinking of modern Atlantis (America)

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