The April 8th Eclipse and the Zone of Silence

The April 8th total solar eclipse of 2024 has its maximum duration of 4 minutes 28 seconds, 4 miles north of Nazas, a small town in Durango, Mexico. The shadow or totality stretches 61 miles in either direction of this midpoint covering some two degrees of the Earth's surface. The totality reaches Nazas at 18:17 UTC time or 1:17 Mexican CDT.

In the general vicinity of Nazas in northeast Durango is the Mapimi or Silent Zone referred by some esoterists as the Navel of the Earth. The Zona Del Silenzio on the Biosphere Reserve of the Chihuahua Desert is some 55 miles wide containg some mountains and sparse vegetation. It is an area where no radio or electronic signals function, possibly due to its high magnetite, uranium, and meteorite bombardment.

The Zone of Silence in Durango state, Mexico

It got its name(Zona Del Silenzio) in 1966 from an oil explorer, Augusto Harry, whose expedition suffered instrumental malfunctions due to the weird magnetism there. The zone really got on the map on July 11, 1970 when a US missile rocket carrying cobalt-57 crashed into the area also due to instrument malfunction. It took Wernher Von Braun 28 days to find and recover the debris of his missile after which the area became popular.

The Zone of Silence is also the site of frequent UFO or Bermuda Triangle type phenomena, and happens to be on a similar latitude. One of the strangest incidents often reported by visitors to the Zone of Silence was the appearance of three Nordic type blondes(two men and a woman) who would politely ask for water. Asked where they came from the answer would be "up there".

What makes the 2024 April 8th eclipse rare is that it coincides with many significant events all at the same time. Many esoterists say that this eclipse will mark the end of many long term cycles both astronomically and astrologically as well as the beginning of new ones. Mundanely, in configuration with previous eclipses, it appears to signal the death and perhaps rebirth of the USA, which is also the death and rebirth of the modern industrial era in general.

Personally, the April 8th eclipse is a time for endings and new beginnings. Your prayers or intents on this day, especially if you are in the path of totality, will be magnified or strengthened, so choose carefully. What happens after the eclipse is almost anyone's guess, but be prepared for great changes in the months ahead.

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