The Exoplanet Scam

Note: The following is entirely the author's opinion and may or may not be true or accurate.

Why do astronomers and the scientific community continually search for exoplanets (planets outside our own solar system) while generally ignoring our own backyard? This is a big piss off to astrologers and occultists alike who are more concerned with local bodies and their effects on human life.

Stars aren't even what astronomers say they are, nor are they that far away. The stars are not hot suns, but fixed lights or points on the dome(s) above us reflecting terrestial and oceanic phenomena. Each of the various rotating domes or electromagnetic fields above us, cupped within each other, host a different set of heavenly bodies. These bodies are the projections of a central inner earth body or "computer" which astronomers mistakenly refer to as the Earth's core.

Exoplanets were first confirmed in the early 1990's and today (2023) there are over 5000 of them, but what good are they? Nasa always puts out the excuse that these bodies will help us to better understand the nature of our own system which is an illusion as they don't even accurately explain that. They are still promoting the Jesuit Copernican fantasy view of space birthed over 500 years ago, but not firmly planted until after World War II. The flat or level Earth view of our cosmos was still the dominant one worldwide until Nasa came along in 1958.

If astronomers really want to help humanity they should stop collecting bribes and lying to us about the true nature of the world and cosmos we live in. We do not live on a globe, nor are we spinning in space with gravity holding us down. All scriptures say that we live on a stationary dome-covered plane and that our universe or "space" is not a void, but a vast and endless ocean with countless other worlds or realities.

Most of humanity already knows this or is catching up to this original view of the cosmos, so it behooves NASA and modern day astronomers to stop their shenanigans and join the rest of us. Astronomy has always played a vital role in the understanding of our cosmos but an evil schism occurred hundreds of years ago between science and the occult which need to heal if our knowledge is to become whole again.

So enough about about exoplanets and other such discoveries that have no real relevance to our daily lives. What happened to the search for planet x or planet nine which has been stalling forever? If there is such a body we need to know about it, as it may complete our knowledge of our local cosmos as well as give us a greater or fuller occult knowledge about our own beings.

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