Uluru - Second Heart of the Earth

In the middle of Australia is situated a giant reddish rock mountain called Uluru sacred to the indigenous peoples of the area for thousands of years. The mountain measures 2.2 miles in length, 5.8 miles around and 1140 feet high. It is also known as Ayer's Rock named after South Australia's Chief Secretary in 1873. The rock appears to change color throughout the day partcularly at sunset and sunrise when it has a reddish glow.

The Anangu aboriginals teach that Uluru holds the myths of its demi-gods and that its roots go long and deep beneath the Earth. Trying to climb the mountain is sacriligious and many climbers have indeed died on their way up. There are caves around Uluru's perimeter which the Anangu call the Skull and use to initiate their young into the tribe.

According to Robert Coon, author of Earth Chakras, Ulura in combination with Kata Tjuta(16 miles away) is the dual solar plexus chakra of the Earth responsible for its health and vitality. It is connected to the other world chakras through ley lines and tunnels such as the Heart chakra in Glastonbury, England. There are 12 or 13 major world chakras, one for every planet and sign of the zodiac(see my article Earth Chakras in the Esoteric section). These chakras were here since the beginning of the Earth but have been parasited by evil entities causing the Earth and all life on it to continually deteriorate.

Artist and psychic(remote viewer) JC Kay gives us more insignt into Uluru. Scanning the mountain and beneath it she was startled at what she found; a hellish pit of fire around which monstrous beasts and demons were lapping blood and feeding off abducted and manufactured children. She also saw a glowing sphere or crystal directly beneath mount Uluru which she claims is the heart of the Earth. Etched on the sphere are symbols or language part of which she deciphered as "I am the Alpha and the Omega". Around the crystal are black spidery hands leading to tunnels which have been draining the sphere's energy for millennia, weakening the Earth and all of its inhabitants. It is also why most of Australia is a desert. The other chakras and sacred sites haver also been parasited. JC says that recently(late 2020) the Alliance for Good which includes Trump and his Special forces, in cooperation with other world leaders and occultists, are remedyng this situation.

JC Kay's first three or four videos are shockers and have gained a large following. Her site is Quantum Truths JC Kay.

Below is JC Kay's drawing of the crystaline sphere of light beneath Uluru mountain...

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