Our Flat Earth Universe

The premise of this article is based on the incontrovertible fact that water does not curve or hold on a curved surface and that weight or density rather than gravity is what holds things down(an apple falls from a tree because it is heavier than the air around it). If you cannot accept these two fundamental principles then this article is not for you.

Our material universe or creation is flat and vaster and more wondrous than anything you can imagine, yet here we are prisoners in our home and state and plane we call Earth, thanks to a small number of selfish beings bent on power and control.

A few of us, throughout the ages, have overcome these tyrants and their limitations, and have gathered themselves for a final battle to liberate humanity and all life on this plane for good, and this is what we are currently engaged in.

When the Luciferians rebelled they did much damage to this and other planes, and continue to do so. The frozen wastelands and scorching deserts, the jagged craters, mountains, and deep valleys, and the vast oceans and lakes are all testimony to our ravaged creation which was once a beautiful paradise or garden, both here and beyond.

True Earth, which is hundreds of thousands of times larger than the current known Earth, is known in the Vedas as Bhumandala, having a diameter of some 4 billion miles. Beyond that are undoubtedly, other Bhumandalas or Super Earths as big or bigger, and which are created or expanded as needed, so that there is no shortage of real estate in the watery cosmos. Each one has its own astrological theme or sub-themes catering to every form of expression as a gift from its creator.

Our own Bhumandala or Super Earth may be the 7th of twelve(five are still forming) according to Urantia sources. Bhumandala is a flat circular (or maybe even ovular) plane some 4 billion miles in diameter, consisting of 14 rings of alternating land and water. At the center of Bhumandala is the island of Jambudvipa(akin to Urantia's Isle of Paradise) some 800,000 miles in diameter. This is the Greater Earth which is divided into 9 regions by very long and high mountains. The southernmost region, Bharata, which is 72,000 miles in area, contains our tiny crater Earth at a fraction of that size.

So what's all this talk about overpopulation and resource shortages? Nonsense! It's all a ruse designed to keep us confined and controlled. The elite know all about the fantastic lands and civilizations out there beyond our earth crater and are doing business with them! They are enjoying the incredible diversity or variety of other worlds while we common folk are stuck in our cities and houses and told to slave away all our lives. The negative elite however are confined to the the Bharata region of Greater Earth which is currently undergoing its Kali Yuga or dark night of the soul. The other 8 regions of Bharata are much more spiritually advanced and accessible only to highly spiritual people. When we advance enough, we will then join these other brothers and sisters.

At the center of Bhumandala and Jambudvipa is Mount Meru which towers hundreds of thousands of miles up and is the seat or home of Bhrama, the Creator of our physical universe. Meru also goes deep underground to the nether or hell regions which are the antithesis of the heaven regions. There are 7 heaven regions and 7 hell regions. Below that is the waterworld from which all originated. Surrounding and penetrating our flat universal plane is a giant torus-shaped electromanetic field with Meru (not shown here) as its center or spine and smaller fields within. This is the invisible cybernetic programmable astrological component of Bhumandala which sustains its physical counterpart.

The other ringlets of land and oceans beyond Jambudvipa as well as some areas within are home to all manner of strange races and beasts of past antiquity or mythology of which we can only imagine and which are often depicted in sci-fi or horror movies. Humans are also scattered across the rings as they are prized for certain qualities. Some of the ringlet oceans even have different colors and tastes. And this is only on the physical realm. The astral and other realms are also highly populated and even more wonderful(or ghastly).

top view of Bhumandala

When we break out of our currently ridiculously repressed and myopic state we will have a chance to explore all these realms and life will be a never-ending adventure of growth and learning.

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