Planets, Land Rings and the New(Old) Cosmology

Until about 500 years ago, all cosmologies depicted our earth as a flat plane with a dome and hell underneath and as the unmoving center of Creation. Then came modern astronomy and the Copernican revolution which made the masculine Sun the center of our universe. Fortunately, some countries like India, have preserved the true and original cosmology of our universe which they call Bhumandala.

In Bhumandala there is a Greater Earth or Jambudvipa at the center, which is very large and contains our own small domed Earth in the section called Bharata(see image below). At the center of Jambudvipa is Meru with Polaris above it around which revolve the stars and planets.

Around Jambudvipa are the concentric planetary land rings separated by water or ocean rings which stretch out millions and billions of miles. This is the Super Earth or Universe. So the only real difference between the Vedic comology and the modern one is that the planets are down here on a flat concentric plane instead of out there in black space. Also, it is the Greater Earth(Jambudvipa) that is in the main center rather than the Sun. Our own smaller Earth REFLECTS this greater Earth and Super Earth via the dome mechanism.

So where do the planets come in? Each land ring is magnetially associated with a planet above it. The inner planets(Mercury, Venus, Mars) are connected to the inner land rings and the outer planets(Jupiter to Pluto) orbit above the outer land rings. Jambudvipa itself is the Ascendant and Meru is the Midheaven. The Sun and Moon are light concentrations inside our dome and created by our dome whereas the planets themselves are outside our dome(which is why they appear less bright).

It's difficult to tell which planets are linked to which land rings so I have not done so in the diagram, but it's only logical to assume that the inner rings represent the inner planets and the outer rings are the outer planets. The real Sun is said to be some 126 million miles out from the Meruvian center over the Manasottara mountains dividing Puksaradvipa in two, or about 1/32 of the way to the edge of the Super Earth disc plane (which is 4 billion miles in diameter). The smaller Sun we see in our Earth sky is a dome reflection of this greater Sun. The real Jupiter and Saturn are perhaps associated with the 6th and 7th planet rings. Our dome picks them up like a giant lens.

Beyond Puksaradivpa is the Golden Land measuring some 707,200,000 miles wide ending in the very high Lokaloka mountains, and beyond that is the dark region of Aloka Varsa which is some one billion miles wide leading to the very edge of the disk. Uranus is said to be located in Aloka Varsa.

Outermost Bhumandala covers by far the largest area of Super Earth

Beyond Aloka Varsa are the much vaster etheric planes and beyond that are other Super Earths

All of the heavenly bodies revolve around and are guided by the star Polaris. Polaris streams from Meru -the control center of this entire disc plane or creation. We have a smaller or micro version of Meru at the North Pole as do other domed worlds. The top of Meru is where the spiritual rulers of our world or creation exist and they are known as Polarians who created the first root race of Polaria. Meru is our origin and final destination and is represented by the MC or Midheaven in astrology. Meru's roots go deep underground into the netherworlds represented by the IC or Imuen Coeli in astrology. When the bible speaks of Heaven and Earth it is talking about Meru and the Earth plane or disc. The Earth plane or disc is the Ascendant/Descendant axis in astrology.

The star cities and the legendary Atlantis were patterned after the design of Bhumandala. Meru sets the pattern with four major divisions or compass points which are then subdivided into three, totalling twelve just like in the zodiac or birth chart. With twelve segments and twelve rings it covers the whole spectrum of astrological possibilities(12 planets and 12 signs). Most speak of seven rings linked to the 7 traditional planets but Bhumandala is everexpanding towards twelve rings which includes Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and beyond.

Each of the rings contains its own dominant unique life forms as well as a smaller mixture of all the others. Some of the "aliens" here are compatible to us whereas others are hostile. On the Mars ring, for example, there is much competition and aggression and some of the critters there(giant spiders and mantids) are indeed scary. The Venus ring, on the other hand, is quite peaceful and beautiful and is where many Pleaideans come from. When our leaders and scientists speak of going to Mars or Jupiter, they are referring to the actual Mars and Jupiter land rings rather than the heavenly bodies themselves which are reserved for higher spiritual beings. They travel via special ships, tunnels, or portals that go past the confines of our dome or ice regions.

There is so much out there for us to explore and experience once we are freed from our confines here on this tiny crater Earth. Even within Jambudvipa itself are wonders that will thrill and excite us -and that is only the beginning! We haven't even touched on the underground and sky worlds and their civilizations, as well as the different dimensions all around us. Beyond Bhumandala are other Bhumandalas with other life forms and conditions, and it keeps on going and going. Our imagination is the limit!

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