Planet X Object Needs an Ephemeris

Planet X exists but it's not where astronomers are looking at(beyond Pluto/Eris). While there is still a possibility of a transneptunian giant, there is something going on much closer to home.

Evidence of a dark body now in a 28-day orbit between Mercury and the Sun has been diligently presented by Scott C'one of the Planet X website, yet no one else, least of all NASA, is reporting on it. What gives? Scott has some excellent capture videos of the object clearly showing a round and large object in close orbit to the Sun(see my other cosmology articles). It can only be seen in infrared, however, which is why it has probably been missed by most astronomers. But Scott, using public online observatories and/or satellites for over twenty years, has, since 2007, been tracking this object which is clearly orbiting close to the Sun. It may have been much farther out before 2007 but has, in the last few years, shortened its orbit to within that of Mercury. Is this the real Nibiru which has now become part of our Sun system? If so, I would dearly like to have a long-term ephemeris of its position either astronomically or astrologically.

I sent Scott an email in September of 2019 asking if he could provide a rudimentary ephemeris of this object's position, but have not yet received a reply. From the videos I have seen, I don't think Scott is capable of creating such an ephemeris, which is a shame, since it could have a great impact on the astronomical/astrological world. It(and its satellites) seem closely connected to our weather and climate, which is the number one topic these days. I believe NASA is certainly aware of this object and that it has been tracking it long before Scott C'one ever did, but is mysteriously keeping hush about it. The Powers that be have even gone so far as to censor and shadow ban Scott's work and the sources he uses, which hints at its reality and importance..

Why is this Planet X object(which I like to refer to as "Vulcan") being hidden from the public? Does it portend dire consequences which the public is not ready to accept. Apparently it does. Scott says that along with the geo-engineering of our skies and planet, this object is emitting dangerous radiation hastening or intensifying the radical climate change going on in the last three or four years, and it`s going to get worse throughout the solar minimum of the next ten years. Chemtrails may be a way of trying to deflect this radiation, but are at the same time poisoning us and creating climate disturbances. Perhaps it`s best to let nature solve the problem. If there is too much radiation coming in, the Earth will naturally produce an evaporated cloud or ice cover to protect us like in the days before the Great Flood(unless this is exactly what the powers that be are trying to prevent).

Whatever`s going on, there`s a new major object out there, and it's affecting us big time, both physically and astrologically, and it's a shame we don't have an ephemeris of it's exact orbit, somehing I believe NASA and the JPL can easly provide us with.

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