36 Planets and Archons

Why should there only be ten planets? This seems to be very limited for serious astrological work. Ideally there should be at least be twelve - one for every sign of the zodiac, but even this is not enough. I laugh at those who still cling to seven planet system which is severely restricting and which perfectly describes the straight jacket we've all been wearing for the last 5000+ years. Thirty six or even seventy two (like the Tarot) should be the actual number of planets.

It is becoming evidently clear that planets, archons, and archangels are all the same thing. Even Yaldabaoth or Enki who is the AI ruler of this copied material creation created a minimum of twelve archons/planets/planes, seven sacred or above Earth and five non-sacred or below it (represented by the seven traditional planets versus the five modern ones).

Yaldabaoth's creation, however, even at its fullest, is very limiting for the human spirit which knows no bounds. We were forcefully put into our Satanic bodies which severely limit our scope and potential. We are promised new light bodies which go far beyond, but first we must master the ones we have so that we can transcend the demi-urge's traps and limitations. When this is so we will have access to a far greater range of heavenly bodies and influences which guide but do not dictate our destinies.

The Egyptians had at least 36 princpal deities or archons (both male and female) which equate with 36 heavenly bodies, probably one for every decanate on the astrological wheel, and many more minor deities. Which bodies they connect to is difficult to ascertain. The only definitive modern attempt at unveiling such bodies I know of is presented in Charles Jayne's book The Unknown Planets.

I obtained a copy of Charles Jayne's book (1974 edition) back in the 1980's. Although somewhat outdated, it contains amazing info probably still relevant to our time. It discusses some 36+ planets or bodies, known and unknown, real and hypothetical, which comprise our three-fold solar system based on psychic as well as scientific observational sources.

The first part which includes all of the bodies up to Uranus is called the Nuclear System and is highly personal. Then comes the Disk System from Neptune to Lion which is collective, followed by the Halo System from F to R which is generic (see diagram below).

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The nuclear system from the Sun outwards, contains infrared Vulcan with a period of 25.2883 days, Mercury, Venus, the Moon standing for Earth, Mars, Rex/Lucifer(etheric), the Asteroid Belt with Ceres as king, Jupiter, Maat/Sigma(small), Saturn, Janus/Chiron(small), and Uranus. There are three other unknown bodies here, also small, one between Vulcan and Mercury(Phoebus), one between Mercury and Venus(Kaid), and another between Earth/Moon and Mars(Tripmah). The book contains an ephemeride for Sigma (1906-1994) which has an orbit of 13.93 years. He links Vulcan with Virgo, and Jason/Chiron with Sagittarius.

The Disk System which overlaps the Nuclear System contains Neptune(Pisces), Pluto(Scorpio), Pan(Libra), Isis(Aries), Morya(Libra), Hermes(Aquarius), Osiris(Taurus), Midas(Taurus), and Lion(Virgo). Interspersed between Pluto and Lion are the very small Uranian planets of Cupido(Libra), Hades(Virgo), Zeus(Leo), Chronos(Cancer), Apollon(Gemini), Admetus(Taurus), Samson/Vulcanus(Aries), and Poseidon(Pisces). Also here are the recently discovered TNO's such as Quaoar, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris, which the author did not know of at the time, and which may stand for some of the bodies just mentioned. The brackets ( ) in this paragraph indicate rulership.

The Halo System which overlaps the Disk System contains F, G, Q, and R, of which little is known about. Recently discovered Sedna may also be included here. F has a period of 2200 years and is currently(2023) at 17 degrees tropical Aries and G has a period of 5659 years and is currently(2023) at 29 degrees tropical Libra. Q, the Sun's binary, has a period of 25,900 years or the same as the precessional cycle and is highly inclined at 86 degrees to the ecliptic. It is larger than Jupiter and located at 875 AU distance from the Sun. As of 1900 AD it was 29 degrees above the ecliptic and at 6 degrees tropical Cancer. As of 2023 it is at tropical 7Can43. According to Charles Jayne, Q has to do with the with Soul level of life(Cancer?). Beyond Q is R with a period in the hundreds of thousands of years and having to do with the Monad or Spirit(Leo?)

As for tables, the book provides for only certain of these bodies, especially the outer ones. Vulcan is never more than 10 degrees away from either side of the Sun. No tables for Phoebe, Kaid, and Tripmah, or Rex/Lucifer. There are tables for Sigma but it would take too much space here unless I give only the sign entry dates which would be something as follows...

Sigma Sign Entry Dates 1906-1995
1906 Sep.11 Vir
1908 Sep.20 Lib
1910 Jan.20 Sco
1910 Feb.27 Lib
1910 Sep.29 Sco
1911 Dec.16 Sag
1913 Feb.04 Cap
1913 Aug.03 Sag
1913 Sep.20 Cap
1914 Feb.17 Aqu
1915 Feb.08 Pis
1915 Jun.06 Ari
1915 Jun.29 Pis
1916 Jan.02 Ari
1916 Apr.30 Tau
1917 Apr.14 Gem
1917 Sep.02 Can
1917 Dec.07 Gem
1918 Apr.29 Can
1918 Oct.18 Leo
1918 Dec.12 Can
1919 Jun.17 Leo
1920 Sep.02 Vir
1922 Sep.12 Lib
1924 Jan.05 Sco
1924 Mar.19 Lib
1924 Sep.21 Sco
1925 Dec.9 Sag
1927 Jan.23 Cap
1928 Feb.13 Aqu
1929 Jan.31 Pis
1929 May.23 Ari
1929 Nov.04 Pis
1929 Dec.04 Ari
1930 Apr.23 Tau
1931 Apr.10 Gem
1931 Aug.23 Can
1931 Dec.25 Gem
1932 Apr.17 Can
1932 Sep.31 Leo
1932 Dec.30 Can
1933 Jun.08 Leo
1934 Aug.22 Vir
1936 Sep.16 Lib
1937 Dec.24 Sco
1938 Apr.02 Lib
1938 Sep.14 Sco
1939 Dec.02 Sag
1941 Jan.17 Cap
1942 Jan.31 Aqu
1943 Jan.21 Pis
1943 May 10 Ari
1944 Apr.14 Tau
1944 Aug.28 Gem
1944 Oct.16 Tau
1945 Mar.30 Gem
1945 Aug.12 Can
1946 Jan.14 Gem
1946 Apr.03 Can
1946 Sep.22 Leo
1947 Jan.17 Can
1947 May 31 Leo
1948 Aug.23 Vir
1949 Dec.19 Lib
1950 Jan.28 Vir
1950 Aug.31 Lib
1951 Dec.15 Sco
1952 Apr.16 Lib
1952 Sep.05 Sco
1953 Nov.24 Sag
1955 Jan.08 Cap
1956 Jan.23 Aqu
1957 Jan.10 Pis
1957 Apr.29 Ari
1958 Apr.05 Tau
1958 Aug.08 Gem
1958 Nov.13 Tau
1959 Mar.18 Gem
1959 Aug.03 Can
1960 Feb.15 Gem
1960 Mar.06 Can
1960 Sep.10 Leo
1961 Jan.30 Can
1961 May 20 Leo
1962 Aug.15 Vir
1963 Dec.05 Lib
1964 Feb.16 Vir
1964 Aug.23 Lib
1965 Dec.05 Lib
1966 Apr.29 Lib
1966 Aug.28 Sco
1967 Nov.18 Sag
1969 Jan.04 Cap
1970 Jan.15 Aqu
1970 Dec.31 Pis
1971 Apr.20 Ari
1972 Mar.26 Tau
1972 Jul.23 Gem
1972 Dec.08 Tau
1973 Mar.01 Gem
1973 Jul.24 Can
1974 Sep.02 Leo
1975 Feb.16 Can
1975 May 07 Leo
1976 Aug.08 Vir
1977 Nov.22 Lib
1978 Mar.02 Vir
1978 Aug.18 Lib
1979 Nov.30 Sco
1980 May 10 Lib
1980 Aug.18 Sco
1981 Nov.11 Sag
1982 Dec.25 Cap
1983 Jan.03 Aqu
1984 May 20 Pis
1984 Jul.31 Aqu
1984 Dec.17 Pis
1985 Apr.10 Ari
1986 Mar.16 Tau
1986 Jul.13 Gem
1987 Jan.14 Tau
1987 Feb.01 Gem
1987 Jul.16 Can
1988 Aug.23 Leo
1989 Mar.12 Can
1989 Apr.16 Leo
1990 Jul.31 Vir
1991 Nov.16 Lib
1992 Mar.13 Vir
1992 Aug.09 Lib
1993 Nov.21 Sco
1994 May 20 Lib
1994 Aug.05 Sco
1995 Nov.04 Sag

The tables do not go farther than 1995 and the dates may be off by a day(I had to interpolate) so consider the sign before or after if you are born on the exact dates listed. Sigma has to do with karma and relationship endings. The half cycle (about 7 years) is when the relationship ends.

Tables for Pan, Isis, Morya, Hermes, Osiris, Midas, and Lion are given for the years 1881 to 1985. I have scanned the pages for these tables as follows...

F positions from 1906 to 2021 AD
1906 to 1911 = 28 Pisces
1912 to 1917 = 29 Pisces
1918 to 1923 = 0 Aries
1924 to 1929 = 1 Aries
1930 to 1935 = 2 Aries
1936 to 1941 = 3 Aries
1942 to 1947 = 4 Aries
1948 to 1954 = 5 Aries
1955 to 1960 = 6 Aries
1961 to 1966 = 7 Aries
1967 to 1972 = 8 Aries
1973 to 1978 = 9 Aries
1979 to 1984 = 10 Aries
1985 to 1990 = 11 Aries
1991 to 1997 = 12 Aries
1998 to 2003 = 13 Aries
2004 to 2009 = 14 Aries
2010 to 2015 = 15 Aries
2016 to 2021 = 16 Aries

G positions from 1906 to 2036 AD
1906 = 22Vir04
1916 = 22Vir43
1926 = 23Vir20
1936 = 23Vir58
1946 = 24Vir37
1956 = 25Vir15
1966 = 25Vir53
1976 = 26Vir30
1986 = 27Vir08
1996 = 27 Vir46
2006 = 28Vir25
2016 = 29Vir03
2026 = 29Vir41
2036 = 0Lib19

Planet Q 2852 BC to 3628 AD
In the Signs
2852 BC = 0 Tau
692 BC = 0 Gem
1468 AD = 0 Can
3628 AD = 0 Leo
Modern Times
1468 AD = 0 Can
1828 AD = 5 Can
2188 AD = 10 Can
2548 AD = 15 Can
by degree
1468 AD = 0 Can
1540 AD = 1 Can
1612 AD = 2 Can
1684 AD = 3 Can
1756 AD = 5 Can
1900 AD = 6 Can
1972 AD = 7 Can
2044 AD = 8 Can

No tables for planet R. I'm sure there are other bodies besides the ones covered in this article, some important and some not. Revelation will come with time. The point is that the planets (and stars) are permanent heavenly tributes to great deities and personages throughout history that affect us deeply via the system of astrology. It is not possible to have only seven planets or bodies to account for the ever growing diversity of life here. Not even twelve will suffice although this number may remain a permanent general fixture. Instead, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of heavenly objects, each with their own story to tell, should become part of our cosmic library of life.

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