The Phoenix Machine
or Destroyer of Worlds

There is an object out there created and designed by the good guys to keep the bad guys(archons, anunakki, etc.) here in check. It's called the Phoenix or Destroyer and it comes around every 138 years according to controversial researcher Jason Bashear.

It caused the Flood of Noah by destroying the Earth's canopy. It is the instrument that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and turned people into stone. It is the Angel of Death that killed the firstborn in Egypt and caused the Black Death in Europe and the supposed mud floods of the 1800's.

It made its last appearance in May 1902 when it was responsible for all manner of fire and cataclysms after which our modern era was born, and in May 1764 before that, after which all the major Revolutions began. It always shows up in the month of May.

What is this terrible weapon or dragon which the Indians referred to as Ganesha or Shiva and which the biblical book of Revelations points to as the Day of the Lord? At multiple intervals of 138 years it is accompanied by the Dark Star Nemesis X object which is a planetary system in itself, which intercepts with ours.

The Vatican and the Illuminati know all about this Phoenix object but are afraid to tell the public about it as it is designed to seek out and destroy them(bad guys). They go into hiding in the mountains and in their bunkers just before its arrival and resurface after it leaves to restart civilization. If it were not for this battle axe of the Lord, the bad guys would flourish uninterrupted and completely take over humanity.

Below is a chronology of the appearances of the Phoenix according to Jason Bashear...

Three circles or worlds of 1656 years each separated by two periods of 552 years each.

The large balls demarcate major resets. The small rectangles are the mini resets of 138 years each.

The 552 year periods are very close to the orbital period of planet Eris which according to NASA is 559 years(used to be 557). Could Eris have something to do with the larger Phoenix cycles?

In one painting, the Phoenix appears as a black spear-like object floating in the sky along with other anomalies.

This reminds me of The Doomsday Machine episode in the original Star Trek series which destroyed planets and worlds. Did Gene Rodenberry know about the Phoenix?

scene from the Star Trek episode: The Doomsday Machine

In another Star Trek episode The Phoenix orbit is alluded to by a map of the Draconis system.

Bashear puts the orbit of the Phoenix between Venus and the Earth in the heliocentric system

Jason even links the Phoenix body to the planet Vulcan which I have written about and is now forming between the Sun and Mercury. His Vulcan, however may not be the same body and/or may have a different trajectory. Scott C'one's "Vulcan" appears in my opinion to be a malevolent body which is parasiting off the Sun and which may eventually destroy or replace it.

It's not yet really clear to me what this Phoenix object really is, but it exists and will show up again in May 2040 AD according to Jason's research. It should look like a red star at first and then as a dragon with wings as it comes closer. He describes this in mostly astronomical terms, which is where I differ, but he does believe we live in an enclosed simulation or copy of the actual Earth, and that we ourselves may be copies or simulations of our real selves which exist outside the simulation/dome. He is uncertain about the Flat or Level Earth, preferring to espouse the idea that we live in a holographic simulation that is fluid to change.

Personally, I feel the Phoenix/Plasma event could come much sooner than 2040 AD, but cannot say for certain. For more information on the Phoenix phenomenon visit Jason's website as he appears to have the most info on this subject but there are other sites as well.

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