2024 American Eclipse and Devil's Comet

What makes this total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 special is WHERE it is occurring - over Mexico, USA, and Canada, which happens rarely, the last one crossing the US on August 21, 2017 and the next one on Aug. 23, 2044.

This time it will cover a wide swath over North America in a period of several hours. At its narrowest path, it will enter Mexico at 11:07 AM and exit Newfoundland at 5:16 PM.

In the US it will go through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

In Canada, it will enter Southern Ontario, Southern Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. For major cities falling directly under its path see the image below.

Total solar eclipses are excellent times for spotting elusive bodies near the Sun such as Vulcan or Planet X. They're also great times to marvel at one of the most spectacular and significant heavenly events of all time.

Throughout history, total eclipses, especially solar, were forebodings or omens of great changes to come, often negative or cataclysmic, like the death of kings and leaders or the coming of war or plagues, and often they coincided with the end of an era and the beginning of another.

The last total solar eclipse to cross the United States was in August of 2017. If you overlay the 2017 and 2024 paths they mark an X with the crossing point in "Little Egypt" or southern Illinois. Could this 6.6 year period mark the cancellation of the old USA and the birth of a new one?

Where the 2017 and 2024 solar eclipses meet -southen Illinois, also known as "Little Egypt"

Astrologers pay close attention to eclipses and the signs and degrees they are in which give them clues to the nature of the event. They say the effect of an eclipse can last 6 months or longer after it occurs and people or nations with those signs or degrees will be most affected, especially if they are directly under or very near its path.

The April 8th 2024 solar eclipse will be exact at 19 degrees 24 minutes tropical Aries, so look at this part of your chart to see where you will be most affected.

two weeks after the Great American Eclipse, the Devil's Comet appears. What could this mean?

Tropical Positions for Comet P12/Ponz-Brooks (Devil's Comet) 1930-2060 AD Midnight UT

1930 Jan 1st Sag 22.22
1935 Jan 1st Sag 23.01
1940 Jan.1st Sag 24.25
1945 Jan 1st Sag 25.97
1950 Jan 1st Sag 29.66
1951 Jan 1st Cap 01.20
1952 Jan 1st Cap 03.62
1953 Jan 1st Cap 08.76
1954 Jan 1st Aqu 00.81
1954 Feb 2nd Pis 00.02
1954 Mar 3rd Ari 00.08
1954 Apr 3rd Tau 00.19
1954 May 11 Gem 00.51
closest approach
to Sun May 22
1954 Jun 16th Can 00.28
1954 Jul 09th Can 29.39
1954 Jul 28th Leo 29.90
1954 Aug 18th Lib 00.06
1954 Sep 20th Sco 00.31
1954 Nov 19th Sco 29.94
1954 Dec 1st Sag 04.15
1955 Jan 1st Sag 13.23
1956 Jan 1st Sag 14.03
1960 Jan 1st Sag 16.66
1965 Jan 1st Sag 18.07
1970 Jan 1st Sag 18.99
1975 Jan 1st Sag 19.76
1980 Jan 1st Sag 20.41
1985 Jan 1st Sag 21.10
1990 Jan 1st Sag 21.76
1995 Jan 1st Sag 22.44
2000 Jan 1st Sag 23.19
2005 Jan 1st Sag 24.09
2010 Jan 1st Sag 25.26
2015 Jan 1st Sag 26.94
speed up begins
2020 Jan 1st Cap 00.65
2021 Jan 1st Cap 02.34
2022 Jan 1st Cap 04.91
2023 Jan 1st Cap 10.28
2023 Feb 1st Cap 18.65
2023 Mar 1st Cap 26.44
2023 Apr 1st Aqu 04.61
2023 May 1st Aqu 10.96
2023 Jun 1st Aqu 13.15
2023 Jul 1st Aqu 03.31
2023 Aug 1st Cap 00.50
2023 Sep 1st Sag 09.27
2023 Oct 1st Sag 10.42
2023 Nov 1st Sag 22.38
2023 Dec 1st Cap 11.14
2024 Jan 1st Aqu 08.06
2024 Feb 1st Pis 11.17
2024 Mar 1st Ari 11.68
2024 Apr 1st Tau 08.31
closest approach
to Sun Apr.21
2024 May 1st Tau 29.24
2024 Jun 1st Gem 26.30
2024 Jul 1st Leo 13.26
2024 Aug 1st Lib 01.34
2024 Sep 1st Lib 27.69
2024 Oct 1st Sco 13.70
2024 Nov 1st Sco 26.19
2024 Dec 1st Sag 06.02
2025 Jan 1st Sag 14.19
2030 Jan 1st Sag 17.60
2035 Jan 1st Sag 18.98
2040 Jan 1st Sag 19.88
2050 Jan 1st Sag 21.38
2060 Jan 1st Sag 22.66
The Devil's comet spends some 66 years in Sagittarius, some 4 yrs in Capricorn, and a little over a year
in the other ten signs! It spends the least amount of time in Gemini(4 days) followed by Cancer (4.5 days).
Notice how it was in Capricorn for most of the covid years. It left that sign permanently at the end of 2023.

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