Orgasm and the Length of Life

I once read somewhere, perhaps in one of my esoteric books, that the first orgasm in life releases the death hormone in the body and sets the maximum length of one's life span, and that it's based on a 5.1 yr cycle.

The formula is as follows...

Age of first orgasm multiplied by 5.1. So someone who experienced their first orgasm at exactly age sixteen could be expected to live up to 81.6 years(16 x 5.1 = 81.6 yrs).

Why 5.1 years?

I know of no planetary body with such an orbital period, unless it's an asteroid or dark body in the asteroid belt. Largest known asteroids close to the 5.1 yr orbit are...

Ceres 4.6 yrs, 945 km
Hygiea 5.57 yrs, 431 km
Interamnia 5.35 yrs, 350 km
Psyche 4.99 yrs, 226 km
Winchester 5.2 yrs, 170.5 km
Kalliope 4.97 yrs, 166 km
Berbericia 5.02 yrs, 151 km
Nuwa 5.15 yrs, 151 km
Lomia 5.18 yrs, 149 km
Hypatia 4.96 yrs, 148.5 km
Dembowska 5.00 yrs, 140 km
Hesperia 5.14 yrs, 138 km
Erminia 5.00 yrs, 134 km
Leukothea 5.17 yrs, 103 km
Laurentia 5.24 yrs, 99 km
Danae is 5.15 yrs, 84 km

There are legends of an exploded planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter such as Phaeton or Maldek which produced all those asteroids, and that the dark core still exists in that region. Perhaps it is this now invisible body that is responsible for the 5.1 year death-related cycle?

Another possibility is that this cycle is somehow connected to the planetoid Chiron which has an orbit 50.42 years or almost exactly 10 times the 5.1 cycle.

The ancient biblical patriarchs in Noah's day lived several hundred or even a thousand years, and they only married when they were about a hundred or more. Adam, for example, had his first son Seth when he was 130 years old and lived to be 930. Methuselah had is first son Lamech when he was 187 years old and lived to be 969.

The 5.1 rule doesn't accurately fit Adam(130 x 5.1 = 663yrs), but it is very accurate with Methuselah(187 x 5.1 = 954 yrs). Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances which led Adam to live longer than the cycle allowed, such as being the very first progenitor.

What about children or infants that experience orgasm? Are they to die early? I don't think so. I believe the body has some failsafes or makes exceptions, but that is only my opinion. They may however be pre-maturely weakened by the experience.

All those bloggers out there who say that more orgasms will lengthen your life are spouting bs. While mating with a partner is better than doing it alone(there is a reciprocol energy exchange), losing or spilling your seed frequently DOES weaken you over the long haul. I read in one of Hilton Hotema's works that one drop of semen is worth sixty drops of blood. Semen or reproductive fluid is the elixir of life and immortality. It feeds your brain and nervous system and the more you waste it the more you degenerate.

Eating meat, dairy, and processed foods will increase your sensuality and stimulate you to lose your precious life fluid. A vegan, raw vegan, or fruitarian diet will moderate your sexual nature and help you conserve your fluid, not only improving your health but lengthening your life as well. You may not live to be a thousand(our environment needs to be fixed first) but you will live longer and better than most.

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